Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started, Kongres Magazine has been making an active effort to report about the latest developments with top quality content, helping the industry wade through the crisis. Our work was awarded by the readers, who keep returning to the web portal every day. We have received countless questions connected to the withdrawal of the event organisation ban.

We are certain that many colleagues wake up with the same question; when will I be able to organise events? To instil some hope and provide information from international meeting planners, we are launching the L-DAY campaign. L-DAY or LIVE EVENT DAY is the day that we will be able to organise events without limitations. The campaign will take place on different platforms and encompass a wide spectre of meeting planners from around the world. A key component of the campaign will be the COUNTDOWN – an automatic calculation of received answers, letting us know how many days are left until the event ban is lifted.


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