Learn how to activate a group; even from behind your screen.

Next session: 7th and 8th December 2020 from 13.30 till 16.00 (CET)

Looking to take your moderation skills to the next level?

Well, look no further, as Masters in Moderation are inviting you to their upcoming workshop on Online Moderation & Meeting Design. In this workshop, they will show you the way in the wonderful world of online events: energetic moderation and effective design of engaging work formats. You will learn how to activate a group and how to be in charge; even from behind your screen.

Online just as much as in the physical space, participants want to be seen, heard and loved. They want to play a real part in the events, to have fun and to contribute to a tangible result. You will have to make them feel truly connected; of being part of a ‘temporary tribe’, even when on screen. Joining the workshop, you will practice the moderation of virtual groups and dive into making online meetings energetic and interactive.

Who will teach?

The workshop will be held by Kjell Lutz, an experienced online moderator & host, who brings energy and enthusiasm to any meeting. Kjell loves to play and is a real ‘gamer’, which is mirrored by his love for interactive formats.

Kjell will touch upon four topics, spread over two (half) days.

On day 1 you will practice:

  • Opening/closing
  • Basic moderation
  • Various (sometimes hard) situations
  • Your camera-presence

On day 2 you’ll dive into:

  • Interaction formats
  • Design of an effective program (timing, length etc)
  • Choice of platform/tools/team

Don't miss out on the knowledge. Register for the workshop!

The workshop is an amazing opportunity to learn from the best in the moderation industry, especially now that online events have taken over our lives. Different laws apply to online events compared to live events, yet the foundations remain the same. If you’re an experienced moderator, who wants to improve his skills or a complete beginner just starting out, this workshop will provide a ton of value.

If you only register for one of the two days, you will pay € 225 (corporate) or € 125 (self-employed). If you book both days, it’s € 395/195

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