Q: What is the business plan for the next year and how are the projections in respect of business levels and passenger numbers up to 2020?
The business strategy to 2020 foresees moderate but reliable traffic growth. Thus, in 2020 we will reach the number of 1.8 million passengers with an average annual growth rate of over 4 per cent. At the same time, we expect changes in the structure of traffic in favour of increasing the share of foreign carriers. When forecasting the number of aircraft movements, the average annual growth will be of 1.5 per cent. Cargo traffic is expected to grow at an average 2.9 per cent per year.

Q: How important is the congress/business tourism segment in the overall structure of passengers?
Extremely important, as 60% of our passengers fly for business purposes.

Q: In which areas do you think your airport will grow in future years?
Because of its specificity (the main airport in the country and also the regional airport) Aerodrom Ljubljana can’t rely on the development of only one type of air traffic. In terms of reducing business risks and depending on the size of the market and passenger flows, we will be developing all kinds of air transport: regular domestic and foreign passenger air carriers, such as charter traffic, low-cost carriers, general aviation and cargo traffic. At the same time Ljubljana Airport will be developed as a hub for Southern Europe and as an entry point to Alpe Adria for intercontinental traffic.

Q: What can you tell us about new airlines coming on stream?
Two new scheduled airlines are coming to Ljubljana Airport. LOT Polish Airlines will operate five flights a week to Warsaw from 1 March, while Greece’s Aegean Airlines will serve Athens twice a week from June. We will continue with our attempts to establish regular connections to the destinations that are not yet covered – Spain, Italy, Northern Germany and Scandinavia in particular. But the result is not only in our hands; it depends on market potential and the joint success of Slovenia as a tourist destination.