Meet Gypsy Brewer
Meet Gypsy Brewer

It all started in 1996, with the first trip to Great Britain and the first connection with craft beers and their diversity. It was there that Padre made a decision that beer making will be more than just a hobby for him. The love for beer was stronger than the love for IT and in 2013 Padre abandoned his well paid job and decided to pursue his love for brewing. The bold idea stuck and today Padre is a synonym for top quality Slovak craft beers and nomad brewing. Beer’s of rich aromas and amazing combinations lead it into a different world, spiced by hops from all over the world. The total number of craft brewers in Slovakia isn’t known, but because of Padre the culture of beer drinking and producing has changed a lot in the last couple of years.

There are quite a lot of options for incentive groups in Kosice. Because the city centre is pedestrian friendly, everything is at the palm of your hand and choosing a hotel is a matter of opinion. Hotel Yasmin is an excellent business hotel, with well equipped rooms and all the extras. Doubletree by Hilton is the biggest congress hotel in the city with a high quality standard. If you are tempted by boutique hotels, the offer is also quite diverse. We recommend hotel Ambasador, which is located on the main city street. The accommodation in Kosice is wrapped in an overall very favourable package in terms of price.

The best way to get in touch with Padre Craft beers is to visit the legendary and the oldest pub Hostinec Pivovar in the centre of Košice. It is where Padre makes and creates its new flavours. Along with an excellent culinary experience you will get to know craft brewing in all dimensions, from the starting idea to the realisation and production of the foamy beverage. The base for production is the first-rate ingredients, spiced up by Padre’s creativity and amazing recipes. The result is beer, which is full of fresh flavours, amazing colours and aftertastes. The uncertainty and expectation of what will come out of the brewing process adds and extra charm to the making of it. Socialising through beer drinking is for everybody that gets a smile on their face when they take a sip of home brewed beer.

The boutique beer experience is topped off by excellent cuisine. The Hostinec pub offers a mix of modern and traditional cooking in an imposing ambience, which will definitely make you hungry and thirsty. Everything is fresh and carefully picked locally. All the dishes from the menu are simple and locally oriented.



1. Guided beer and wine degustation
Did you know which craft beer is the best in Slovakia? In foodie heaven called Dva Dve they offer a guided degustation through the best beers in Slovakia. If you are more into wine, there is also an excellent diversity.

2. Marriage of beer and food
What do you think would happen if beer and chocolate got married? In Hostinec pub you will get an insight on how to enrich the flavours of your dishes through the selection of perfect beer.

3. Craft brewing school
Do you know how beer is made? Find out how the winning IPA recipe was created, starting with the idea, going through brewing, fermentation, gestation, filtration and finishing with your own jug of the heavenly drink.

The pronunciation of dva or dve is a thing of local pride in Košice. However DVA DVE is also the name of a bar where you will discover the most authentic and complete offer of wine, beer and local cooking tradition of Slovakia. The bar is regularly visited by the best Slovak wine makers and brewers. Their charismatic team knows how to take you into the world of the best Slovak wine and beer.

Padre craft beer

Travelling around Slovakia with a car is easy, but sometimes because of repairs and construction a bit slow. It takes a good 2 hours to get from Budapest to Košice and the air connections are also improving year by year. In 2016 Turkish Airlines is said to join the current airlines. Košice are also well connected through railway, which is a reliable and cosy alternative to other forms of transport.


Krupinska 4
04001 Kosice, Slovakia
P: 00421 903 873 209

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