Meetologue 2015


If for the venue chooses you air Formula One “Red Bull Air Race”, then this is certainly an attractive and charming tourist destination. Red Bull Air Race is, according to the organisers’ data, followed by 500 million viewers. This year, after a two-year break among locations finally listed Rovinj. Strong investment, which, according to unofficial data only hotel chain Maistra was costing one million Euros which will certainly be rewarded and reverted back in the tourist the future. Picturesque location easily competes with more renowned names ranging from Abu Dhabi to Las Vegas. Severe and invaluable for the tourist profile of Istria and Rovinj, which in recordings from the race looked excellent.

Rovinj “batanas” are flat-bottomed boats protected by UNESCO due to their longevity and a traditional way of construction. This is the reason why the Batana House Eco Museum was established.

Relaxed destination
A walk from Rovinj’s acropolis church St. Eufemia on the Grizija street full of galleries is the reason that Rovinj is so popular among tourists. Hidden streets, small squares, passages, galleries, intimate taverns make it one of the most attractive tourist destinations of the Adriatic. Rovinj’s skyline is among the most photogenic Mediterranean tourist panoramas with unprecedented experiential value. Everywhere are pleasant Mediterranean colours that make a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. And coffee in one of cafes on the waterfront with the obligatory accompaniment of Italian-Croatian dialect of Rovinj.

Istria is the largest Adriatic peninsula
It has historically played an important role of the strategic gatekeeper of transport routes at the end of the North Adriatic Sea to Central Europe. In addition, for centuries it has been the node of three major European ethnic groups Slavs, Romans and Germans. Istria has for centuries been under the influence of Italy, which is also reflected today in a wide variety of to Slavic ear unusual names of streets and squares and a very lively Italian language, which you most often hear in Rovinj.

Cultural diversity
Coexistence of different people is in Istria, a value which is now visible in the sharp Istrian multiculturalism and cultural diversity. High on the list is also the attitude towards sustainable development and neatness of the destination. Rovinj is a pleasant place to live, it is especially attractive in congress spring and autumn months, when the summer crowds calm. Security of the destination and municipal infrastructure are excellent. Among the major problems is parking in the high tourist season, which is usually a problem in all coastal cities. Rovinj is considered one of the most successful municipalities of Croatia also thanks to the excellent co-operation of TDR – Tvornica Duhana Rovinj and their companies Maistra and Rovinj tourism. Together, they are very seriously tackling municipal projects and arranging of the space, which will further improve the competitiveness of the destination.

Rovinj is an absolute champion in Istria
Today, Rovinj is because of its natural and cultural landmarks one of the most developed tourist destinations in Croatia and the region. Since last year 454.886 tourists came to Rovinj and created 3.131.302 overnight stays. Among the tourists are in the first place guests from Austria, Italy and Slovenia; very promising is also the German market.

In the past few years, the structure of tourists has been changing rapidly. Thanks to the investments of tourism company Maistra the structure of visitors is changing and once pronounced summer season is prolonging. Only a few years ago, most of the accommodation was in camps and private apartments.


Hotel infrastructure
Rovinj today boasts one of the best hotels in the whole region. Boutique five-star hotel Monte Mulini the most prestigious part of the resort complex on the edge of the park forest Zlatni Rt (Golden Cape). A gem of the offer is the first design hotel Lone, which is a magnet for creative social class. An interesting alternative is Hotel Istria on the island of St. Andrew, to which takes you a boat from Rovinj.

Omnipresent Maistra is also to blame for improving the culinary offer of the place. In the Monte Mulini Hotel pampers you one of the best Croatian chefs Tomislav Gretić.

The Meetings industry
In Rovinj they are serious about the meetings industry, which is one of the pillars for the extension of the tourist season. After considerable investments all the conditions for this are being fulfilled; everything from congress capacities to the accompanying congress products. The first rounded offer of the convention centre Cap Áureo. The centre presents a comprehensive convention complex with accommodation facilities of various categories – Lone Hotel, Monte Mulini, Eden and Park. The Centre comprises 20 halls, of which the largest one can accommodate 650 participants, all halls together have a capacity of almost 1.600 participants.

Meeting specialties
A specialty of the meetings offer is the old tobacco factory or convention centre Adris, which is a supreme example of conversion of industrial space in a superb conference venue. A beautiful transformation of industrial heritage into functional halls for the most demanding events occurs each year at the renowned Weekend Media Festival. The main hall has a maximum capacity of 1.500 seats, the second largest 1.000 seats. In addition to these there are available within the centre ten separate halls of different capacities, a separate place for the registration of participants, press centre, numerous offices and meeting rooms, a large banquet hall, in which can be served a dinner for over 1.000 people, it is possible to put a lounge terraces and bars, various entertainment points, and the like.

Mediteranean rhythm
Otherwise, the romance of the old town is hard to resist, especially since the city is live and flashes in its daily rhythm of the Mediterranean. Advanced conference guests are only disrupted by the dominant fast gastronomic offer, which is only slowly adapting to demanding tourists. Insiders nevertheless find some culinary gems that build on the best Istrian wines, olive oils, flavours and tradition of the rich Istrian cuisine. Similarly, souvenirs on offer somehow do not belong to such an authentic tourist destination.

Otherwise, Rovinj is becoming a trendy and modern congress destination, which will soon be a serious competitor to the more well-known Croatian congress destinations.



February 2017
7th Health Tourism Industry Conference will be held in hotel Lone in Rovinj, Croatia, scheduled for February 28th – March 2nd, 2017. It includes 3 fully incorporated events: Health Tourism Industry Conference, International Luxury Hotel Association Summit, Taste the Mediterranean Festival.

July 2017
Event activities will not only take place in workshop halls and hotels but also throughout the entire town of Rovinj where places like the main town square, MMC hall, narrow coastal alleys and hotel pools will turn into colorful and vibrant scenery.

September 2017
The largest regional communications festival bringing together more than 4,000 Croatian and regional media, marketing and PR professionals from the entire region but also numerous guests from Europe and America.

September 2017
MCM2017 will bring together leading experts and young researchers that develop microscopy methods and apply them in the fields of life and material sciences. It will also include a trade exhibition in order to encourage exchange between the producers of microscopy-related equipment and researchers.



5 – excellent meetings destination
4 – quality meetings destination
3 – reccommendable meetings destination
2 – average meetings destination
1 – so so

A. Natural and cultural factors: 4.58

Indented coast with over 22 islands of the Rovinj Archipelago, clear waters and rich historical and cultural heritage of this picturesque town are the main reasons that Rovinj is the leading Croatian tourist destination. The old town centre, once an island with Renaissance and Baroque buildings attracts many artists and gives the city a unique bohemian character.

B. General and transport infrastructure: 4.05

The picturesque town dominates over some of the problems of the city, among which in the first place limited accessibility, with the exception of roads. After the construction of the Istrian Y the destination is connected to the main pan-European transport links. Among the main challenges is one of improving air accessibility and transformation into a true year-round air destination.

C. Tourist infrastructure: 4.49

Tourism is the main industry of the city, but it is highly seasonal. Efforts of the main hotelier Maistra and all tourism providers in recent years to promote tourism also in the low season, to which play a role mild climate and new world-class hotel facilities. Every year, improves the offer of entertainment, cuisine is one of the best in the region. Rovinj is perfectly located for exploring other parts of Istria.

D. Meetings infrastructure: 4.71

Maistra has seriously focused on the development of congress offer, as evidenced by the recent large-scale investment in the Lone Hotel, with which is also at the same time rounded the offer of convention centre Cap Áureo, one of the largest convention centres in the region. The whole story is only missing a neutral and well-functioning Convention Bureau, which would place the destination on the worldwide congress map.

E. Subjective grade: 4.59

Security of the destination is at a high level. With the new development strategy affection for the meetings industry is high. Personal experience regarding the professionalism of the staff is positive. Ambitious projects such as the Red Bull Air Race will surely give wings to the destination, only the relationship between price and quality is not always the most appropriate.

F. Marketing buzz: 4.87

In the field of congress tourism Rovinj’s congress transformation has been established by the main player of the pack Maistra. Maistra has completely taken over the destination marketing and a number of secured events in a testament to their success. Mega events, such as RedBull Air Race or the Weekend Media Festival, play a big role and are part of the marketing strategy.

Natural and cultural factors:4.58
General and transport infrastructure:4.05
Tourist infrastructure:4.49
Meeting infrastructure:4.71
Subjective grade:4.59
Marketing Buzz:4.87
ICCA index:1.14
Numbeo quality of life Index:4.00
Global Peace Index:3.70


SPACIO – The batana ride across the peninsula, dinner in old tavern, musicians singing old fishermans songs. An impressive way to represent how fishermen and farmers used to live in Rovinj.


If at the destination you have owners who have clear goals and who look at congress tourism strategically, then in a short time you can do a lot. It is possible to revitalize the old factory premises and build a superior conference hotel. Maistra in Rovinj has undoubtedly left its mark. Taking into consideration the geographical location of Rovinj as one of the closest Mediterranean congress destinations for Central and Western Europe, the future of this industry is guaranteed. Missing is only a convention bureau, which would know how to step out of corporate governance of the destination and would be able to serve as attorney of the meetings industry. Otherwise, forecasts of mayor Sponza that Rovinj will be more exclusive than Dubrovnik, can be realized.


MANEŠTRA – In Rovinj and its surroundings you will find countless taverns and wine cellars where you will get true autochthonous experience of traditional meals. You can start with “maneštra”, typical Istrian soup, once the food of the poor, today you can find it in the restaurants. The basis consists of corn, vegetables, beans, potatoes, some meat or Istrian ham. Every family has its own family recipe which varies according to what’s in season.


Tourist Board Office Rovinj
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Obala Pino Budicin 12,
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