Harley-Davidson European Bike Week

Faaker See, the Austrian village near the Slovenian border is besides the turquoise coloured lake, becoming famous for the motorcycle meetings of choppers which attract a few thousands chopper lovers from all over the World to this small Carinthian village.

The Carinthia region is known for its many lakes and mountains surrounding the region, including the famous Grossglockner, the highest Austrian mountain. About 200 lakes, 60 healing spring waters, 43 glaciers and 8,000 kilometres of rivers, make Carinthia a unique and attractive destination for different types of events. Faaker See is quite a small village and a lot of people are surprised that such a big brand like Harley-Davidson chose to organize their event here, but when you take a better look you start to see just why.

Why Faaker See is just a perfect location for Harley-Davidson European Bike Week?

September in Faaker See has been reserved for all the horsepower enthusiasts, hosting the prestigious and worldwide known Harley-Davidson European Bike Week Festival. In the middle of picturesque surroundings, Faaker See welcomes bike lovers from all over the world, to explore the fascinating Alpine landscape, together with local knowledge of the most exciting roads and scenery by the local members, who traditionally organize a series of trips across the spectacular alpine passes. Of course, beside the amazing rides, the programme includes also the city of the Harley Village, located by the Lake Faaker See, with rich and diverse program through whole week – from musical entertainment, local culinary treats, presentation of many Harley dealers and retailers, etc.

The magnificent nature, diversity, unique combination of crystal torques lakes, high mountains, many off roads and amazing Carinthia hospitality, proved to be the formula of success for this event.

Just last year, Austria’s sunny alpine region welcomed an incredible participant number of 120,000 guests and 70,000 bikes at the Europe’s biggest open Harley-Davidson event and welcomed the guest of honor, Bill Davidson, great-grandson of one of the original founders of the company and head of the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee which also lead the massive parade of 10,000 bikes around Ossiacher See, the traditional culmination of the event.

You can watch a movie from 2016 event here:


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