Sharkam catering
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Sharkam catering was established in 1998 and belongs to one of the European leaders in catering. They are mostly proud of having built the business from scratch on solely Slovak capital and through years of testing know-how. The majority of their business is in event catering, although they are also one of a very few caterers in Europe to specialize in protocol catering. Their marketing policy is built on offering a first class service and quality and which additionally guarantees a sufficient quantity of food and beverages.

Photo credit: Sharkam catering

In 2013 they became ISO 22 000 certified for food and gastronomy businesses, the only caterer in Slovakia to do so. They exclusively support Slovak production – small coffee roasters, “medovina” mead wine and internationally acknowledged wines and goat cheeses from Slovakia. The quality of their products stems from the input of superior ingredients, as their suppliers belong to the best in their market sector, whether it’s for bread or meat. They bring an amazing culinary experience together with a highly professional service into unconventional venues and are constantly looking for new locations – if necessary, they are ready to create their own. They prepare and cook real food made from real ingredients for real people and invite you to enter their kitchen anytime.

Q: What are the main innovations taking place today in the field of catering?
There are many innovations in the catering field coming to the market every day, so it is hard to say which of them are the main ones. It could be said that it depends on a customer’s needs and type of event – for instance, when you make an event for a big company, it always comes with a ‘theme’ and you try to make it as innovative as possible…

Q: In your opinion what is the quality of catering services in your country/region on the European scale?
Well, it’s hard to say, as I have seen many catering companies not only in Slovakia putting a great effort into the job they do. Therefore, I see the quality of services provided in the professionalism of Event Managers. We have many good event managers in Slovakia that I would recommend could work anywhere in Europe. Although you can find ‘good food’ everywhere, the ‘service’ is the main thing that makes your event special. If you are satisfied with your work, the client will be too.

Q: Your advice for event organisers?
Stick to the plan, always… but also try to feel your ‘sixth sense’, because it will help you when the plan is failing. :)

Q: Which trends do you predict for 2017?
Different events means different trends, so as I have said before, always focus on the type of event, and then you can choose the trend you would follow.

Q: What services can caterers offer in this do-it-yourself world to remain cutting-edge in business?
A professional, time saving, good-looking event…

Q: What, in your opinion, makes for an ideal outdoor summer party? Do you have any tips on how to enhance outdoor events?
It depends on what you consider ‘ideal’. For me, there are good drinks, good food, good service and the most important: GOOD FRIENDS!

Q: What were your biggest and most memorable events?

Q: What makes you smile?
Positive and nice people in my company. :)

Sharkam catering
Photo credit: Sharkam catering


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