Smallest place in our analysis is big in its offer and an example to all of us involved with tourism. Once a remote and poor community, in the 60-ies of the last century focused on tourism. Its epicentre is a thermal spring, around which a success story was created. At every step the locals you meet, be it a wine-grower, a caterer or a priest, will let it be known that you are welcome.


Meaning of Grades:
5 Excellent Meetings Destinaion
4 Quality Meetings Destination
3 Recommendable Meetings Destination
2 Average Meetings Destination
1 So So

Individual Grades:

Podčetrtek 1

A. Natural and Cultural factors                          4,0
Podčetrtek is the tourist centre of Posotelje near the Slovenian-Croatian border. The wine-growing soil and especially the thermal water are two of its natural resources and tourism potential of the place. Thermal spring was discovered in the mid-sixties, the main development occurred in the mid eighties with the increase of hotel and spa capacities. The castle from the 13th century certainly gives a historical mark to the place, which is one of the oldest in Slovenia and the Franciscan monastery Olimje, built in the 16th century. While the castle is still waiting for the right investor for renewal, you will be welcomed at the Franciscan monastery by hospitable Franciscans who will provide you with herbs from their pharmacy.

B. General and Transport Infrastructure     3,8
In terms of traffic a pretty closed region influenced the development of places in the past. Highway has shortened the route to Podčetrtek, but it is still necessary to use local scenic road that leads to one of the most beautiful wine-growing towns in Slovenia. Increasing connections to the Zagreb airport, which is only 1 hour and 20minute drive away, put Podčetrtek in an improved position for the organisation of international events.

C. Tourist Infrastructure                    4,0
One rarely finds a place with such a positive attitude towards tourism as Podčetrtek. Alliance of the municipality, the largest provider Terme Olimia, associations and all smaller suppliers is reflected in the new projects that increase the value of the place. In the past year, among other things, they have created new cycle paths that open up new opportunities for the surrounding farms and the development of additional offer. The whole offer, from historical, sports and gastro-oenological is calling for incentive events which finish with pampering in the beautiful wellness centre Orhidelia, which in 2009 added the icing on the cake of spa and wellness offer.

D. Meetings Infrastructure                    3,4
As a part of the Wellness Hotel Sotelia, the convention centre in the spa Olimia was opened in 2006. The largest of eight technically perfectly equipped halls and meeting rooms can tale up to 350 participants in theatre style and can be divided into two rooms. The entire hotel has been awarded for architecture, mainly due to its placement in the environment; the architects have used a common thread of modern design also in halls, which are attractive to professional, business or social gatherings. Perhaps sometimes a larger lobby for breaks or on-site meetings might come in handy as well as daylight in Primula halls.


E. Subjective Grade                   4,2
The complete offer of Podčetrtek is intended primarily for tourism. However, everything intended for recreation can be advantageously applied for congress guests. The biggest advantage is a diverse offer and a range of adventure and variety in a small area, which makes it a good use of time also for business guests. 


Comparison with the Region:
There are few places where the only driving force of the economy is tourism. Because in these places industry has never developed, today this can be considered as one of their advantages. Podčetrtek has a great potential in the field of congress tourism. It is an authentic and in many ways a sustainable congress experience.

Cool meetings:
What is more sustainable than the old, indigenous varieties of apples, which in Kozjansko they maintain with love. On the now traditional event Kozjansko apple farms offer the old varieties of apples, healthy agricultural products grown in a sustainable way and original and imaginatively processed fruit in home canning. Apple is still the most sympathetic attention that you can offer to the participants of your event!