Pustolovski park Betnava is set in a forest on the outskirts of Maribor. It has seven different courses set on trees from 1 to 8 meters high.

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Location:Maribor – Tabor
Operator:e-VOD Vodušek Jože s.p.
High elements in the park:Three of the courses are located at an altitude of 5 – 8 metres and contain approximately 30 high elements. Two of the courses are at the high difficulty level.
Other fixed elements in the park:Four courses are positioned at an altitude of up to 4 metres and are appropriate for children over the age of 3. They contain approximately 40 different elements.
The price per participant:Preschoolers: 5 EUR, school children: 10 EUR and adults: 15 EUR
Instructors in the park:Instructors certified by Abenteuerpark, Betriebs- und Errichtungs GmbH
Professional teambuilding programs:In cooperation with outsourced experts
Special features:7 courses, appropriate for children over 3
Access to the park:180 m from the regional road leading to the Pohorje cable car
Parking:100 m from the park
Other sports and fun activities:Supervised stilt walking, jogging along forest trails, ballgames and badminton in a forest clearing, slacklining
Catering services:Poštela restaurant 400 m from the park
Closest accommodation:The Habakuk hotel – 130 rooms, 1.5 km
Closest meetings facilities:Habakuk hotel for up to 800 delegates (in individual halls)
Tourist attractions (within a radius of 1 km):Betnava Mansion, the Maribor Experiments Centre at the Betnava Mansion, Pohorje, the Habakuk hotel, the ski slope, etc.
The park's advantages:Can be used by very young children and is in the vicinity of Maribor and Pohorje

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