Benchmark Email is a permission-based email marketing company that puts user deliverability and reputation at the forefront. An email service provider committed to bringing users the most up-to-date marketing trends and methods, Benchmark provides award-winning software and cutting edge features to both small businesses and corporations alike.

With over 73,000 current users, Benchmark has seen its client list expand and its partner affiliations grow. Benchmark Email has ambitiously set its sights on streamlining the email marketing process and engaging users with direct and desired interaction, branching out into all major social media channels.

Benchmark Email is now a global leader in email marketing, and the company has done so by maintaining a dedication to the user experience. At Benchmark, the motto is “not just delivered, received.” In a fast-paced digital environment, oftentimes larger companies will leave the process of garnering opens and conversions to their users. At Benchmark, it’s an interactive experience. They will make you better at email marketing, won’t leave once you’re in the system, and make the metrics comprehensible. Who clicked? If they didn’t, why? Too many images in the email? Images too large? Do your subscribers’ clients accept video email? The difference between a blacklist and a whitelist? 




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