Sponsez allows sponsors and event organizers to discover sponsorship opportunities easier than ever before.

Sponsez is an online smart-agent matching advertisers with great event marketing opportunities that best relates to their specific marketing objectives.

The unique technology aims to disrupt the $51+b and growing sponsorship industry, help event organizers reach out to more relevant sponsors and increase sponsorship sales and sponsors make better decisions, based on objective, analyzed information and maximize their ROI.

The company has developed a discovery engine that goes through all the available opportunities and analyzes each of them through the lens of the marketing objectives as described by the brand, creating a scored and ranked list of relevant events that best relates the sponsors needs.

Sponsez also looks at the benefits offered to the sponsors, recommends the package that will best serve the sponsors objectives and sets a price point based on the match and similar opportunities in the market.

The process in completely automated, based on 2 proprietary algorithms.


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