TYMR is a social network for discovery, management and promotion of events. It is  Portuguese startup that starts to grow and begins to be recognized for it’s innovation.

Tymr.com is a one-in-all solution for planning, managing and promoting any type of events. The aim of this SaaS is to overcome the lack of a platform (on a global, regional and local level) that combines a dedicated event management tool with a social network, which provides feedback and information about the events and the places where they occur.

The social network platform has a strong focus on geolocation and scheduling. It also integrates all the social aspects of a modern framework.. like real-time updates, followings, ratings, private-messaging and others.

By understanding an event as an action that can be booked, our target costumers can range from a single friends party organizer, to professional conference promoters. Therefore, tymr meets all the characteristics to become a mean of excellence in events publishing. In this regard we intend to surprise users through a detailed recommender system that foresees intended research and find events according to users profile, social graph, location, etc. This aspects and many more, make tymr a very practical and thus attractive solution, allowing it ́s users to easily manage their agenda and make it compatible with those of his friends.





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