Geoffrey is a desktop electronic butler intended for cafés and hotels that allows guests to review the offer and order, read the daily news of the world media and check out events in the surrounding area, as well as much more.


Geoffrey is a system that allows every catering establishment or hotel to increase its traffic and maximize profits. Geoffrey encourages guests to impulsively buy as they no longer have to wait to order. On average, cafés equipped with Geoffrey have recorded a 17% increase in sales. At the same time Geoffrey caters for a 7-10 min faster turnaround of each table, time savings that mean more customers are served and, consequently, more sales. 


Geoffrey also eases the burden on waiters and catering staff, as it spares them any unnecessary memorising of orders and extensive walking. This means that staff are not under such high pressure and available to guests at all times, which means better well-being of guests, better service, and of course more sales. In the course of his work Geoffrey constantly collects data and provides detailed insight into the functioning and operations of the bar itself. With the help of smart questionnaires Geoffrey constantly collects information about customer satisfaction, the data then analysed and presented in a simple and understandable way. With the help of Geoffrey the caterer actually better understands their business and the behaviour of guests.



Content appearing on Geoffrey can also be centrally managed via the web. This means that via the Internet and from anywhere in the world it is quite easy to change the content and offerings that can be displayed on 1, 10, 100 or even 1,000 Geoffreys. Geoffrey is currently the only handheld device that works for several weeks without charging, is completely waterproof and is actually fully developed for the demanding hospitality environment. He is also the only handheld device in the hospitality industry that insurance companies are willing to insure. To date, Geoffrey has helped more than 100,000 guests. old and young, with no waiting and no fuss.


Simply put: Geoffrey is the 21st century waiter, helping each bar become a “smart bar” and increasing sales, optimising operations, reducing operating costs and at the same time allowing full access to the business of the establishment and guest behaviour.

Interview with Matej Zalar , Director of the start-up company Visionect



Q: What does Visionect do?
Visionect deals with the development of high-tech products. Our main product is Geoffrey. Geoffrey is a handheld device intended for cafés. It allows guests to order in their own language food, drink, read the daily news from the world media, check the weather forecast, as well as what’s going on in the area and much more. Geoffrey in a very effective way turns every restaurant table into a smart table and helps each bar to become a “smart bar”.

Q: What problem did you solve with your innovation?
We have shortened the ordering process by between 7-10 minutes and enabled a catering establishment to maximize their traffic and reduce costs. A guest can submit their order at any given moment, which means that they are never in a situation when, due to the availability/unavailability of serving staff (waiters), they want to change their mind.

Q: What are the concrete economic results achieved by the innovation?
Geoffrey increases sales, optimises operations and reduces operating costs, all while allowing full access to the business of the establishment and guest behaviour. It is interesting that to date, due to faster serving in bars and restaurants, Geoffrey has saved guests more than 700,000 minutes of waiting.

Q: What are the sustainable effects of the innovation?
An increase in sales of restaurants from 13-21%, cost reduction and better knowledge of the habits and desires of guests. Guests thus have an improved experience and improved hospitality, which makes them return.

Q: What are your plans for the future?
To shorten the waiting time in restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars… for the largest possible number of visitors around the world. 

Q: What inspires you personally and where do you get your ideas from?
Seeing how the product you have been developing for years finally comes to life and helps to improve the lives of users.



Q: The craziest destination

Q: The craziest event
Burning man in Nevada.

Q: If you could be present at any event in history, which one would it be?
When the Ford Model-T, the first cheap enough car for the general public, became available.

Q: Hotel to which you like to return?
I think there are too many things to see and do. I would rather try and experience new “hotels” than return to the ones I have already been to.

Q:  Rock concert that you would like to see?

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