A to B: LJ unites three types of sustainable public transportation in the city of Ljubljana: the bicycle (BicikeLJ cycle hire), the bus (Ljubljana City Public Transport) and walking. It is one of the first incorporations of the bicycle as a sustainable public transportation into an application of a European city and it is an important addition to the comprehensive user service.

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How does it work?

You determine the current/start location (A) and enter the final location (B) and viola! BicikeLJ, bus and walking path with minutes, signs and kilometres are on your palm.

The application (is):

  •  Easy to use;
  • Perfectly formed;
  • Informative (with the aim of saving time);
  •  Allows you to select between multiple routes to a destination;
  •  Sustainable
  •  Free.

The application was presented to the public During the European Mobility Week. The app provides detailed information on transportation between two selected points in Ljubljana. Because the application experienced a very positive response, they decided to support the development of application for the Android platform. 


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