If you’re preparing people to be brave in business, give them a taste of risk at the end of a rappelling rope.

What bounds people more than unusual experiences, which you can confront only with the help and support of your colleagues? Adrenalin challenges are a series of activities that assure great team spirit (cross a river, flying fox, crossing ropes, rappelling from a rock wall, boats,…). Facing your fears in front of others will definitely develop your relationships and strengthen your bonds. This unique challenge in the Triglav National Park allows participants to expand their comfort zones – sometimes dramatically – and recognize fears that may block personal achievement

The best adrenaline challenges in Slovenia.

WOW FACTOR: The best adrenaline challenges in Slovenia.
COMPANY: LIFE Events Bleiweisova cesta 30, 4000 Kranj, Slovenia +386 4 20 14 075, +386 40 50 88 65 info@lifeevents.si WEB www.spiritowin.com
BEST TIME OF THE YEAR:April - November
DURATION: 4 - 6 hours
LOCATION:Triglav National Park, Trenta Valley, Slovenia
CATEGORY:Active experiences

When planning an incentive travel, organisers are always looking for new destinations, unique and authentic programmes. We were looking for some unique programmes in the region of South-East Europe and we ended up with more than 130 proposals that are now published in the KONGRES INCENTIVE IDEAS GUIDE.  

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