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 Outdoor Team Challenges can be for fun, and proofing the team in teamwork skills, but with professional assistance and support of team coach they can be perfect tool for setting real changes in team work on the workplace. Programs can include various outdoor (or indoor) activities, according to the group wishes and possibilities. Playful atmosphere and real work on team process, for teams that want real improvement of their teamwork on the workplace!

 The nature as a classroom; learning can be really  amazing

WOW FACTOR: The nature as a classroom; learning can be really amazing
COMPANY: IKSA institute info@teambuildng.si +386 40 917 000 www.teambuilding.si
BEST TIME OF THE YEAR:All year round
DURATION: 1 – 3 days; by agreement
MIN./MAX. NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS:Ideal team size: 6 – 15; possible also for bigger groups
LOCATION:All around Slovenia
CATEGORY:Active experiences


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