Have you ever wondered just how much time participation at a trade show might actually save you? Looking at the figures for what it takes to organise a typical meeting that is otherwise carried out daily at the trade show, you would be spending at least a good 60 minutes of valuable work time in getting it arranged. To achieve a similar number of meetings that you can undertake at an event, we estimate you would need about a month to get it all scheduled and arranged, meaning that on average 21 working days at 60 minutes per day (21 hours per month total) gets spent on meeting organisation. If you use just a portion of this total time saved to you by the organiser and use it to make better event preparation and consider how best to complete a sale, you can greatly improve your performance efficiency and ROI attending an event.

[pullquote]Consequently, trade shows remain one of the main meeting points where supply and demand converge, offering personal contact and bridge-building that opens the door to service sales.[/pullquote]

Major events at the same time save a lot of time for your buyers, attracted to B2B events by the fact that in a very short time they can get to know, assess and evaluate the entire market offer. Consequently, trade shows remain one of the main meeting points where supply and demand converge, offering personal contact and bridge-building that opens the door to service sales. Moreover, through the various channels of social activities they also help you get acquainted with unexpected and new potential business partners. And all of this takes place in a single forum where you can learn about the key developments and trends of the industry where, despite the great leaps in technological development, the intensity of targeted personal selling still reigns supreme.

These are just some examples of how trade show participation is reimbursed via time savings, but the reimbursement is spread over months or years and it is necessary to be systematic and patient with getting them. It is also necessary to come to the event thoroughly prepared and with a readiness to dedicate time to the contacts made when the trade show is over, ensuring the saved time does get you the business results you seek. Frequent B2B trade show attendees know this well, and they also know well the power of outstanding results from shows they attend.

When you are making your decision on which events to attend, get as much background information as possible on the organisers and on their past results. The best business events will have such information on their websites and make it available through different communication tools. At business trade shows, the most important criterion definitely remains the number of guaranteed, pre-arranged meetings, so these should be at the forefront.

Given their complexity, time efficiency and the level of personal contact they offer, business trade shows are incomparable with any marketing and communications media currently available. There is no indication that this situation will change in the future and these shows remain as important as ever.

Največja poslovna borza kongresne dejavnosti na področju JV Evrope se letos lahko pohvali z največjim številom tujih vabljenih gostov doslej

CE07F539-B74C-4AEC-9E40-25ED068EFAED[2]Added value of the Conventa trade show:

ORGANISATION OF MEETINGS:We believe that for the organisation of a quality meeting 60 minutes of working time is needed. Conventa guarantees 22 meetings at every trade show, which concretely means that the organisers of the event save you 60 hours of your working time.
RESULT:Conventa is a buyer-driven show. The minimum number of meetings is 15, with exhibitors having 22 on average and the best of them completely filling their schedule, which means a daily total of 34 meetings.
IMPACT:Conventa saves a lot of time in the field of exhibition logistics, since all of the exhibitors have standard-equipped exhibition stands, removing the additional cost of technical equipment, insurance or logistics management.


Gorazd Čad

 About the author:

Gorazd Čad is a veteran convention tourism addict. Founder and owner of the marketing and congress agency TOLERANCA MARKETING, he has numerous years of experience in the planning, preparation and execution of major international trade shows and fairs. Having started his career in Cankarjev dom, where he project-led on fairs such as Infos, Kapital, Bits & Fun, Slovenian Wine Festival and many others, work in his private capacity has given him a long and multi-faceted experience of developing B2B trade shows, the most noteworthy of these being Conventa, Space, Natour and Hot-Rest. B2B selling solutions sit at the heart of the action of his work and are the key specialisation with proven added value and measurable results.



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