As we move into the future in every aspect of technology and innovation, so is the world of audio. For years a traditional industry that experiences few shifts, the world of audio is now finally opening up to change. The changes in the audio industry are technical as well as mental. We are used to audio technology and equipment being a certain way – heavy, complicated, and expensive. And while for years this was indeed a necessity to ensure professionalism, nowadays we can see alternatives.

Audio is something that involves every aspect of our lives. From movies to concerts, to conventions and conferences. Audio is something that cannot be ignored and is constantly increasing in quality and ability. While productions increase in scale and professionalism, audio and its equipment always seem to be lagging behind. The audio equipment that is used today for conferences, events, and expos is the same equipment used 30 years ago. This equipment and technology are a remnant of the past that has been collecting dust while the event world has been moving forward. It’s not only that traditional audio equipment is old, clunky, and heavy. It’s also pretty expensive for all parties involved. It’s expensive for the event to rent, for the equipment renters to carry, and to insure. It’s prone to damage and needs replacing quite often. All this creates a situation where events are spending exorbitant amounts on one element of their operations.

The Philosophy

In a world that is becoming ever more individualistic, it is only natural that so will our forms of audio entertainment. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) philosophy enables event attendees to enjoy events with the convenience of their own devices. It also allows event organizers to enjoy a hassle-free experience and allocate time and money to content rather than tech. Thanks to near constant WIFI, cloud access, and internet, event organizers are able to take advantage of a wider spectrum of solutions.

Cloud audio streaming is a great example of this. This technology allows attendees to come to an event, pull out their phone, and instantly connect to the audio in the venue. The uses range anywhere from interpretation and silent conferences to music and live performances. The quality becomes better, the costs become lower, the attendees become happier, and event organizers can breathe a breath of relief. The technology involves nothing more than some computers and an internet connection. More and more forms of audio streaming are moving in this direction and event organizers are doing the same. While the idea of entirely omitting heavy audio equipment for a simple smartphone might raise some eyebrows, people quickly get used to the idea once they try it out. Ranging from WIFI to cloud technology, we have never been in a better time to test such things out. Relatively few companies are currently dealing with this, but those that do stand on the frontier of an industry that will be a standard sooner than we think.

A Disruptor

Our company, auXala, specializes in audio streaming for any and all types of events. Clients needing uses such as interpretation services, art, sports, expos, silent conferences, live music shows, and more. We are constantly surprised by the amount of applications that can be used with auXala. We like to say that it is not that clients have an idea and then contact auXala, but rather they learn about auXala and then they start getting ideas. When you make audio streaming light, simple, and accessible, you open a world for clients who otherwise couldn’t have made their ideas become reality.

BYOD audio technology is not just a nice gimmick in the world of event organizing. It is a game changer. Many event organizers will be able to think bigger and bolder when the bottleneck of old and clunky equipment is gone.

In the real world

So where has this technology been seen. I would like to give you some examples from our company, auXala:

The world is filled with languages and so is the need to understand them. For this reason, you have a near endless amount of interpreting agencies whose sole purpose is to make people understand one another. Our clients are interested in saving money, moving to the future, and improving the experience. That is why a lot of our business revolves around the interpreting business and events that require them. As mentioned earlier, auXala can be used in almost any way and so we have had clients express their artistic side with our help. Ranging from museum exhibitions with sound to forest music performances. Conference are aiming to become more agile and flexible, so the world of silent conferences is growing. Many clients need a way to let conferences flow over so that limited space doesn’t equal missing out. Ultimately, BYOD audio cloud streaming is a way to make this industry lighter, friendlier, and cheaper. Like the feeling of taking off a heavy bag after a day at work, so is the feeling of shedding the old and running with the new.

Alexander on Conventa Crossover

“After taking part in the Conventa Crossover conference as an active guest speaker I have many great things to say. First off, the event was well organized and allowed the speakers and audience to easily engage with one another. The speakers were all fantastic and had many insights to share. The topics of discussions were varied and each interesting in their own way. I found myself hearing of certain ideas for the first time which made a lasting impression on me. The congress was also very good at inspiring motivation and maintaining a great entrepreneurial spirit. The event moderator did a great job of both managing the event and interacting with the speakers. All in all, I would definitely recommend Conventa Crossover and very much see myself attending again! A warm and special ‘Thank You’ to Gorazd and his team, for putting everything together!”

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