New event registration software gives event professionals more control:


After months of rigorous testing and fine-tuning, Weemss has finally arrived in all its purple-ish glory!

Weemss is a ticketing and event registration software that helps event professionals create, promote, sell, and manage events. The main mission of Weemss is to give event organisers full control over their events, thus making a huge difference to how they approach the registration process.

  • Organizers communicate directly with their clients – Weemss does not act as a medium;
  • Organizers own 100% of participant data and participants are never asked to register with Weemss;
  • Payments go directly to the organizer – Weemss does not act as a middleman.


With the option to sell tickets in 40+ languages and 160+ currencies, and plans afoot to increase these numbers and integrate the software with many local payment solutions, things are already looking impressive.

Weemss has many other cool features and is much different from most of the solutions out there. Check it out at www.weemss.com 

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