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Category: 3*
Number of rooms: 192 rooms, 6 family rooms, 2 suites
Last renovation: 2006
Conference rooms: 2 conference rooms, each up to 40 participants, 1 seminar room up to 15

Hotel Park

Park Hotel is not a typical conference hotel, but it is indispensable for every major congress in Ljubljana where participants may be looking for ‘value for money’ accommodation. This is not just a hotel – it is a dynamic hotel with its own events and its own culinary and cultural story, closely connected to the pulse of the city. The creation of a new cultural and artistic centre of Ljubljana with numerous museums and galleries in the vicinity has also helped contribute to this. Of all of Ljubljana’s hotels the hotel Park is probably the best involved in this scene and they have been hosting an increasing number of ‘cultural guests’ and events, co-operating with small and large organisers, festivals, local associations and institutions, and acting as sponsors in projects. They know that these guests bring a special energy to the hotel and so remain open to a very diverse structure of guests. Hotel Park, with more than 200 rooms in the city centre, is perfect for all of that.

Urša Malovrh, Director’s Assistant and “front-woman” of the hotel

URŠA MALOVRH, Director’s Assistant, Hotel Park Ljubljana

Coming to the hotel in 2006 Urša was part of the story of the hotel’s thorough renovation. This was followed by a re-organization and founding of the new team and the setting of internal standards, essential to establishing and maintaining the quality of work and service. She prides herself on an excellent team and the fact that over the years they have significantly raised the image of the hotel. Today, the Park hotel is a place where guests are welcomed by friendly people and the stay is enjoyable, and where the consistent quality ensures they have a steady stream of returning guests. The hotel is also placing an increasing emphasis on business tourism.

Q: You are a fan of integration and joint working, in addition to which you are a part of the Ljubljana Strategic Bidding Team. Do you think it is possible to achieve better results with a united front?

Absolutely, I believe that integration is the key to success and we also manage the Park Hotel like that. Times are like they are, but we all want one thing: to bring more tourists to Ljubljana and Slovenia and certainly we can be more successful if we are connected. Unfortunately, all too often this remains in theory and I regret that it is like that, because we are small, but it could be better used.


Q: How important are social networks for the hotel?

The hotel needs to exploit all the channels and absolutely social media is also very important for sales and marketing. An increasing number of things are happening online, more and more sales, and this is absolutely a “must” for the hotel, especially for a hotel such as ours where the leisure segment is strong. However, one should be careful and should know how to use the social networks.

Q: Trip Advisor – is it a nightmare or a help?

Trip Advisor is an important portal and collection of varied information. It is imperative that the hotel is present on it, but also to communicate with guests. In the flood of information, I believe that it helps the consumer. Personally, I’m not a typical tourist; I decide on the basis of other factors and I am rarely checking travel accommodation on Trip Advisor… but certainly within my work I use it all the time, because it is an important source of feedback information.


Q: Is Ljubljana to you the most beautiful city in the world? What would you recommend about it to foreign congress organisers?

Ljubljana is magical and even though I am ‘Gorenjka’ I am in love with Ljubljana :). Ljubljana has a great position in Europe. It is a manageable, safe and peaceful place with friendly residents and offering a wide range of additional offers, but, most importantly, I believe that we have congress organisers of events who are experts in their field and can provide everything as competitive cities.

Q: In recent times which hotel has impressed you the most and why?

Qbic hotel in London… which is not the story of business tourism, but impressed me because of its story. Given that we are preparing the renovation of the 12th floor, where we are going to arrange brand new rooms and suites, we were looking into this and hence I was a guest at the Qbic hotel. It will stay in my memory as something special, because of the simple equipping solutions, a simplified check-in and check-out of guests… all via machine, but at the same time with a story of how to keep guests in the hotel and also connect… A beautiful living room in the middle of the hotel kitchen and dining room are the heart of the hotel

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