Penta PCO, DMC


The most valuable asset in Penta is our highly motivated and experienced employees. There are 13 of us all focused on delivering congresses and events at the highest level with nothing but perfection in mind.
To deliver a successful conference you need to have every area covered by an experienced team member, so we have six project leaders on board, two destination management specialists, two as air ticketing and transfers support, one accountant, one IT specialist and our manager.
We are a family of individual talents that can meet the challenges of a culturally diverse business arena.
Our employees are proud and confident to be key players in a winning team that shares a common mission, vision and set of values.
We are dedicated, passionate and responsible. It is in our roots. It is how we do business. Our clients demand high level of services and we deliver. Consistently.


Stjepan Žunić, Director 

Q: How and why did you decide to specialise in the meeting industry?
As a long time tourism professional I was mainly working with corporate clients, associations and medical doctors attending congresses. My main vision was focusing and specialising on this complex and demanding field of congress organisation in order to deliver the highest possible service. We are so passionate about excellence that it is even in our company name: Penta [Greek, from pente, five; as the top mark].

Q: What are you the most proud of?
Our achievement in occuping the leading position in the PCO niche owing to my team and the continuous emphasis on education and development of the company makes me very proud. Of course, positive feedback from our clients is the main source and result of our aspiration.

Q: What is your vision of a successful PCO?
We are all trying hard not to become too big not to understand our clients’ wishes and desires, yet big enough to deliver the most demanding congresses. We nurture our relationships and take huge care of them. We are long-term partners and to achieve that you need to have a great level of sensibility, a profound knowledge of the industry and a great connection with all of the parties involved. Each organiser or association has it’s own characteristics and challenges, so you need to know them all to be right on the balance.

Q: Your team is your biggest asset…
…Yes that is correct. We are all carefully selected, very well edcuated and experienced, so our clients very soon realise that with our worldwide knowledge and local experience they are in safe hands – they trust us, so we can focus on our mutual aims (targets), which are to deliver a successful conference and to create additional value for the future. Besides continuously educating my team my vision is to always be one step ahead with our technology and IT support. We are introducing processes not seen to date to our local market.


Silva Ušić

silva ušić

Silva Ušić has a quarter of a century’s experience in tourism, of which for the last 15 years she has been a meeting planner working on conferences from 2 – 2,000 pax. She specialised in the IT industry and pharma congresses, partner summits, off-site meetings, teambuilding, land programmes for cruises and events of all kinds. With her know-how she covers every destination in Croatia and knows the highlights of every location. A true understanding of a client’s wishes is Silva’s greatest asset and delivering on a promise and exceeding clients’s expectations is her goal. There are numerous unique thank you letters bearing witness to that. With Silva’s arrival in the Penta team we can say we have professional perfectionists working together in a creative atmosphere with the knights’ code – one for all and all for one!
We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen!

Nikica Žunić

Nikica Žunić has grown up with congresses, so it’s in his DNA to live with and for them. He worked in all sorts of positions; from technical support, bidding presentations, VIP delegate treatments to delivering complete congresses, onsite managing, after congress valuations and association management. That gave him deep insight knowledge of the industry and its participants with their unique demands. He has grown with his clients, managing them through different market challenges. Using the everyday motto of ‘Creating value.Together’ he is focused on long-term relationships with his societies and associations, always finding the way to deliver successful events that will have better perspective for the future.

Ana Jurašić

Ana Jurašić has 18 years of experience in the tourism agency business. Since the outset of her career she has worked on all sorts of programmes, individual, tailor made and open booking group programmes, but has finally found complete satisfaction in organising coferences, which she has been dedicated to for the past 8 years. A wide range of experience has given her the complete perspective of client needs and wishes, enabling her to always be a few steps ahead. Customer satisfaction is the most important thing to her, proven by the fact that she has a list of long-term clients who have been working with her for years, from corporate clients and medical societies to non-for-profit organisations, who all respect her professionalism.


Many of our clients regularly re-confirm their confidence in our services. Mutual satisfaction and a long-term relationship is the way we do business. Creating value. Together. It’s in our name.

Our most successful and key projects have been:

  • Central European Oncology Congress (Croatia)
  • Croatian Congress of Psychopharmacology
  • Central European Neuropsihopharmacological Congress (BiH)
  • Croatian Oncology Congress
  • 3rd Europan Congress on Head and Neck Oncology
  • 37th European Congress of Cytology
  • Congress of the Croatian Thoracic Society
  • Annual Meeting of Croatian Society of Gastroenterology

Key clients are Society members of the Croatian Medical Association – Croatian Society of Oncology, Croatian Society of Gastroenterology, Society of Cytology, Society of Hematology, Society of Biological Psychiatry and Psychopharmacology, Society of Clinical Endocrinology and many leading pharmaceutical companies.


1992 – started working as a private and independent business travel company

1994 – besides business and corporate travel recognised on the market as a well known company for congress and incentive travel

1995 – as a part of our PCO services organised the first international congress with more than 300 participants

1997 – recognised as a MICE specialist in Croatia and our region, organising 5-10 congresses on an annual basis in Croatia and surrounding countries, such as Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia

2000 – introducing IT support to market with licensed-out software

2005 – presented our Association Management Company services to our clients

2009 – started working on our in-house congress and conference software that was constantly developed and improved, following and creating new trends (Abstract Manager, E-posters)

2012 – recognised as a specialised PCO in Croatia successfully completing more than 20 congresses per year.

2014 – invited by the Association of Croatian travel agencies to define and establish certification criteria and processes for PCO certified specialists in Croatia.

2014 – Penta became one of the first certified PCOs in Croatia. Beeing aware of importance of sustainable management in tourism, PENTA has joined Travel life certification procedures, as well as in the ISO 9001:2008 standardisation of quality assurance.

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