Montenegro is considered to be the St. Tropez of South-East Europe and from year to year, it is gaining in its elite sign. Land of spectacular beaches, dramatic peaks and canyons, elegant palaces and ancient towns has become one of the most attractive tourist regions in recent years. When you see and feel its amazing attraction, it becomes clear to you in a moment why.


  • The Tara River Canyon measures 1300 meters in depth
  • Montenegro has 626.000 inhabitants, making it one of the smallest European nations
  • 17-percent tourism growth every year
  • It costs 3.500 Euros for an overnight stay in a suite in Sveti Stefan, which ranks Hotel Amman Sveti Stefan in the top of the most luxurious accommodation on the Adriatic


Kotor Bay: A dramatic bay with a beautiful walled town, which oversees the deepest fjord in South East Europe

Tara Canyon: the longest European and second longest canyon in the world

National Park Lovćen: breathtaking mountain views, which rise almost from the sea

Monastery Ostrog: A miracle, embedded in a huge rock, visited every year by thousands of pilgrims from around the world

Skadar Lake: amazing play of nature which has created a complete beauty


  • Montenegrins are the highest people in the world, with an average height of 186 cm for men and 171 cm for women.
  • With 48 people per square metre, Montenegro is the most sparsely populated country in Southern Europe.
  • Zabljak is 1485 meters above sea level, the highest altitude city in Europe.
  • Tara River is the largest fresh water reservoir in Europe.
  • The oldest and best-preserved glass in Europe from the 4th century BC was found near Pljevlja.
  • The first nautical school in the world operated in Perast.


  • Hoist the sails: discover the stunning beauty of the Montenegrin coast with high cliffs.
  • Take a mountain tour in the Durmitor National Park, where you can also try skiing, rafting or biking.
  • Enjoy a good meal in one of the seaside restaurants in Budva, Herceg Novi or Ulcinj.
  • Feel like a star in the new Porto Montenegro, where Monaco and Russian rich park their yachts.
  • Try lozovača, a very strong, but (too) tasty na
    tional alcoholic drink.

Montenegro is considered to be unpopular among cartographers. It is almost impossible to write its long name on such a small area on the map.

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