Iški vintgar
Iški vintgar

Most of the trail runs through the forests of Mokerc – Krim mountains and the extreme edges of the Bloke plateau. On the way we drive through beautiful and secluded villages, which are located over the ravines of the Iška and Zala rivers. During the journey there are excellent views across the valley and to the hinterland of the rivers Iška and Zala, as well as over the beautiful mountain peaks. Clean and fresh air is guaranteed, also at the Ljubljana Marshes.

WOW FACTOR:Fresh air, nature and beautiful forests
COMPANY:IskAAdventure - Gacnik d.o.o.- Adventure activities in nature www.iskaadventure.si
BEST TIME OF THE YEAR:Spring to Autumn
DURATION:2-6 hours (depending on the program)
LOCATION:Forests of Mokerc – Krim mountains and Ljubljana Marshes, Slovenia

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