Q: What is the best part of your job?
It’s the intermediary part of my job between the clients and the suppliers as we work unbiased and free of charge for our clients. The fact to think out of the box for every event and come up with creative ideas makes my job so interesting.

Q: What would make your job easier?
It would be easier when corporate events would be planned on a long term basis. Clients would gain better terms and conditions from suppliers and it would make them more flexible. However, we profit from a great market share in Salzburg and still hold the second place in the Meeting Industry Report Austria, after Vienna.

Q: What was your best idea last year?
There have been so many ideas we realised, but one of them might be our new website and digital communications. We have been aiming to provide in depth destination and supplier information, but also simple venue finding solutions. Client feedback shows that we’ve done a great job.

Q: The most memorable event for you?
Our 10th anniversary events in 2013 are my personal favourite. We invited clients in different European destinations to participate at typical Salzburg cooking classes with award winning chefs, rented a brewery and an après ski location in the centre of London. We managed to show the hospitality and uniqueness of Salzburg and our services.