Brdo Castle


The Brdo Estate with its 11 lakes, outstanding nature and the service on the highest level, offers a variety of different activities that make your event very memorable.


Half a millenium old Brdo Castle, former residence of kings and presidents is a luxury event venue today.


Brdo has hosted many famous guests, also Queen Elizabeth, Pope John Paul II, Clinton, Bush and Putin. Brdo, with its natural wealth, is classified as a ‘Natura 2000’ area and a region of special ecological importance, while its forests have been granted a special purpose due to their beauty.


Brdo offers many different venues-luxury castle, modern congress centre, pleasant hotel, island middle of the nature and even a hayrack.


More than 30 years of experiences with organizing events on the highest level as the State Protocol is.

Breathtaking environment that inspires you and gives you the opportunity to be very creative with your event. At Brdo everything is possible!

The prime location, close to main roads, the international airoport and Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.


Brdo near Kranj is also distinguished by its closeness to Ljubljana (35 km), and only 10 km from the highway.


Conventa 2016


BRDO FISH ADVENTURE: The trout smoking and tasting adventure in the wild offers one-of-a-kind group stay in the pristine nature as a standalone experience or part of a dynamic team-building event. Each participant will prepare it’s own fish and while it’s smoking they can take a challenge in fishing or orientation in the astonishing hunting ground of the Brdo. An active 3 hour break in the heart of the nature.
GOLF CHALLENGE: Short break (1-3 hours) at golf course Brdo with brief introduction and demonstration, followed by group or individual competition.

Brdo, Slovenia


THE STRMOL CASTLE is one of the oldest and the best preserved castles in Slovenia. Its location near the Ljubljana international airport makes the Castle Strmol an ideal venue for rather boutique business events. At the end of the day you can enjoy in the appealing castle comfort.
VILA BLED The former presidential residence lies in the magnificent park on the shores of the famous Lake Bled. The setting of the Vila Bled outside the city centre ensures privacy for the most noteworthy events. The hotel with 31 rooms and two conference halls accommodates up to 80 guests.

Grad Strmol


Discover secret places of the Brdo Estate with a golf cart and choose an ideal one for your picnic spot. The Brdo picnic hamper contains a selection of house delicacies including Brdo smoked trout pate, marinated cheese bites, rolled tenderloin beef with homemade bread, Zois dessert, Brdo chocolate or pralines.

Brdo estate, Slovenia
Predoslje 39
4000 Kranj, Slovenia

Conventa Experience

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