GR-Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre has been in the last years hosting many scientific congresses where the majority of participants were man. Maybe that’s why the female part of the GR– Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre MICE team is very much looking forward to the upcoming congress that will be a bit different from the rest.

More than 1.500 lace-makers and lovers of lace and art from 35 countries all over the world are coming to Ljubljana in June. There’s no need to mention that most of them are women, of course. In three-day congress programme they will exchange their knowledge, culture and tradition. Lace-making is an important part of Slovenian heritage and is included in the Register of the intangible cultural heritage.

Ana Božič, Sales Manager of Events & Congress Department from GR explains:  “For me it is fascinating that tradition and knowledge of lace-making is brought so successfully to the younger generations in Slovenia. And there are many artists who are using the lace-making techniques to express their creativity. One of the speakers at the OIDFA Congress in Ljubljana is Manca Ahlin, Slovenian architect and designer, living and working in New York, who is using the traditional Slovenian lace-making technique for interior design. One of her recent projects is a “lace-wall in the restaurant Stix in New York and another one the “Cafe-Lace” in Idrija. I am really looking forward to meet her in Ljubljana.”

Manca Ahlin, the Master of Architecture, will give a lecture titled Lace in a space.
A rejuvenated form of lace, which is reclaiming its position in the contemporary design world – not only as an elegant fashion accessory or delicate element of interior decoration as we remember it from the past. With the help of computer driven methods of design and fabrication, it is appearing in various materials and functions and in ever-larger scales from products to architectural applications. The presented examples of good practice will offer inspiration for lacemakers, designers and clients to collaborate and see the potential that lace has to offer in

Bobbin lace-making refers to the production by hand of lace by crossing, twisting and weaving threads fastened to a bobbin. –

International Association OIDFA is a network of 2,300 experts, lace makers, lovers of lace and lace organizations connecting lace-professionals or amateurs, from 37 countries worldwide.

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