[pullquote]The 30th ECM Annual Meeting & General Assembly will be held in Dubrovnik May 31 – June 3, 2017.[/pullquote]At the annual assembly of the association of European Cities Marketing, which was held on the Portuguese island of Madeira from 8th to 11th of June 2016, was concluded that the next host of the ECM Annual Meeting & General Assembly 2017 will be in Dubrovnik.

The theme of this year’s annual conference was “Dare to share”, discussions on how fast-growing so-called. sharing economy affects the cities. Talking about how sharing effects economy growth of tourism providers and what benefits it brings to local communities. Examples of acctractive offeres were presented , such as „organic breakfast” in London, the “Eat Home” deals from Rome, a “Blablacar” platform, tree house accomodations, and all others who cater mostly to new millenium generation of travellers.

One part of the program called „City Showcase” adressed to private accomodation options in Dubravnik. Romana Vlašić, the director of Dubrovnik tourist board, spoke about the importance of private accomodations for the city and how it can be beneficial not just for the region, but whole Croatia, since they have an excellent legislation law concerning private renting. She mentiones the controversial Airbnb platform as one of the options of promotion and booking of private rentals, what is somewhat better understood and aknowledged as in other mayor European cities, thanks to their legislation. She further on presented statistics where you could see a strong increase in the capacity of private accommodation in Dubrovnik, discussed the project DQPS in 2010 with aim of better promoting private accommodation, education of private renters, the Last minute Dubrovnik app and other activities that would help with private accommodations in Dubrovnik.

Discussed topics were well received among European representatives of the city’s tourism organizations who are working on regulating the renting of accommodation that became a mayor issue because of the rise of sharing economy.