Photo credits: H.O.G. Europe, Middle East & Africa

the ultimate harley lover experience in Portorož

Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) celebrated their 25th anniversary of the annual European Meeting of HOG Rally in Portorož.

The event took place between the 16 and 19 June 2016 and thousands of friends, fans and Harley- Davidson drivers gathered to celebrate this iconic motorcycle brand. The whole event was held in Portorož and part of it in Piran. Exhibitions of new models were held in Portorož, where visitors could test new models, buy souvenirs or discuss the options of purchase.

Piran hosted a special exhibition of custom made and recovered bikes, which attracted some of the world’s finest bike builders. The location was the picturesque Tartini Square, where visitors could also test a whole range of Jeeps.

The weekend was a spectecular mixcture of entertainment and admiration. Atendees were involved in a variety of activities, live music, DJ programmes, exhibitions and food. At the evening visitors could also enjoy an amateur boxing night, organized by the Boxing Club Portorož.

The beauties of Slovenian Istria were enjoyed by motorcyclists on Saturday when the 3,000 Harley – Davidson motorcycles drove from Lucija headed to Sečovlje, past Dragonja to Koper, past Žusterna, drove by the sea to Izola and back to Portoroz. Visitors were able to see the parade in Koper and Izola.

Trevor Barton, a regional Director of EMEA consumer experience of Harley-Davidson, was very pleased with the event: “This is an amazing place, offering fantastic scenery, centuries of heritage, exceptional nightlife and, of course, a lot of open road for one of the largest global gatherings of Harley-Davidson drivers”.