Which destination has the world’s best ice cream this year? The iciest competition, SoolNua’s #worldICECREAMindex, is in full swing. Slovenia, the winning destination of 2015, is currently on the second position and is this year presented by different ice cream providers including The Lake Lounge of Grand Hotel Toplice by Sava Hotels & Resorts, a top-notch provider of this cold dessert that serves ice cream with the most breathtaking view on the side!

SoolNua’s #worldICECREAMindex celebrates and recognises the central role that ice cream plays in defining a destination and highlighting its authenticity and originality. In 2015 over 25,000 votes were cast globally before Lolita from Ljubljana eventually emerged as the winner.

This year the competition is stiff as the ice cream offer is truly amazing. 21 pastry shops from all over the world have entered the competition. Slovenia, winner of 2015, is currently placed second, just after USA. Among the ice cream providers trying to prove again that Slovenia is The Best Ice Cream destination in the world, is also The Lake Lounge of Grand Hotel Toplice run by Sava Hotels & Resorts.

If you are wondering why they are receiving so many votes that they are at this time ranked third and are at the end hoping to win, the answer is simple. Because their Breathtaking Alpine beauty ice cream makes you savour the beauty of Bled by seeing the island from the castle, because their Original Bled cream cake ice cream makes you savour the taste of Bled by taking a pletna ride and because their Invigorating Brainpower boost makes you savour the energy of Bled by breathing in the energy of the Bled Vintgar gorge.

The competition is not over yet. Ice cream lovers can cast their votes for the best ice cream provider and ice cream destination at by 31 August 2016.