This summer the EuroGeo6 announced that the EuroGeo Conference (EuroGeo6) is moving out of Turkey and will take place from 25 to 28 September 2016 at the GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Following the deadly bombing at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, the venue move was expected.

The conference will now be held at the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre over the exact same dates. Dekon Group, which manages EuroGeo 6, helped coordinate the quick move to Ljubljana. Dekon has a history of event work at the site. In fact, EuroGeo 6 is not the only Dekon-managed event moving from Istanbul to Ljubljana. The 34th World Congress of Sports Medicine (FIMS 2016) is also heading to the same venue—and keeping its original dates. It will be held immediately after EuroGeo 6.

“I, and the Officers of IGS, fully support the EuroGeo6 organisers in this relocation,” said IGS President Russell Jones in a letter to its membership. “The conference will still have the same technical, social and exhibition attributes as all other Regional IGS conferences.”

New materials and reforms to the geosynthetics industry will be well reflected in the scientific program of the EuroGeo6 Conference with speakers coming from all around the world. The organizers are looking forward to seeing academicians, manufacturers, practitioners and designers in the geosynthetics field at EuroGeo6.

Not Istanbul but Ljubljana, the European Green capital of 2016 and the new host city, will most certainly impress the delegates with its sustainable congress practices and the vibrant feel of the city.