As the leader and innovator in global corporate responsibility, Hilton Worldwide continues to develop programs like Meet with Purpose, which gives companies the opportunity to book socially and environmentally responsible meetings.

The program aims to reduce waste, improve efficiencies and incorporate well-being through three core pillars: mindful meeting, mindful eating and mindful being. Mindful meeting options and practices reduce the use of resources and waste production in the meeting and conference setting, for example by serving beverages in pitchers and glassware, using local and seasonal ingredients and energy-efficient light bulbs.

The award winning program also offers the possibility to calculate the Carbon Footprint of the meeting with the LightStay Meeting Calculator. To fully support the client´s sustainability strategy with “green meetings”, Hilton Hotels Austria partnered with the EMAS-certified AV provider AV Bernhard, has the Austrian Ecolabel as well as the TripAdvisor Green Leader gold or platinum certificates.