Marko Zidar, Sales Promotion Specialist, Union Hotels d.d.

Q: What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done?
The bravest thing I did in my life is also the saddest one from my perspective. My passion, my dream and my life was football. I played for the youth national team of Slovenia, where I had a great opportunity to create my life as a football player, but an injury and some transfer issues stopped me from playing. I still remember the moment when I stopped and it still causes bad feelings inside me. The bravest thing was letting my real dreams die.

Career path
While I was studying at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana I was working in Union Hotels at reception and at Toleranca Marketing as an assistant organizer of Conventa. At the end of my study I got the opportunity to move to Abu Dhabi and work for one of the best properties in the hotel industry – Emirates Palace. The experiences that I gained in UAE were enormous. When I came back I started to work in Galerija Emporium as a fashion adviser for Alexander McQueen, Versace, Armani, Etro, Kenzo, Roberto Cavalli etc. After Galerija Emporium I wanted to move back to the hospitality industry. My first employer was Hotel Slon and after that I started to work in a small boutique hotel in the old city center of Ljubljana – Vander Urban Resort. While I was working in Ljubljana I had a few projects as an event manager for a German company called Remo. Right now I am finishing my masters degree in Tourism Management at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana and at the same time I got a great opportunity to be part of the team back in Union Hotels.

Q: What is your favorite meetings brand?
It has to be Union Hotels. My first steps in hospitality started in Union Hotels and they gave me great core knowledge of it. It is definitely the best brand in Ljubljana, not only in terms of holding events, meetings, congresses, etc,. but also as an accomodation  and experience provider.

Q: What’s your alternative career fantasy?
All of my activities are mostly connected to my main goal. I think we need to spread our opportunities but still follow the main line. As an opportunity chaser I can see myself in the real estate industry (as an investor), classic cars collector or as an entrepreneur developing apps or useful things mostly connected with tourism.

Q: What are you obsessed with at the moment?
I am obsessed with my own plans for my career, so at the moment I am working on few real estate projects, which are again related, with tourism.

Q: Your goals before 50?
My parents always told me: ˝Have goals so big you get uncomfortable telling small-minded people about them˝. Again everything is focused on hospitality, if I am going to details it is the luxury hotel industry. I will use my knowledge, which I have gained from my experience in Emirates Palace and use my imagination to bring something new and undiscovered to the unique boutique hotel experience.