Bratislava cycling routes
Bratislava cycling routes


A current comparison of the closest competitors on the 2015 ICCA scale following the Kongres travelogue methodology – meetologues.

Population: 432.801Population: 792.875
ICCA Country and City rankings 2015: 163th place, 16 meetingsICCA Country and City rankings 2015: 64th place, 41 meetings
Numbeo Quality of Life Index 2016: 3,80 / 150,27Numbeo Quality of Life Index 2016: 3,90 / 159,03
Sunshine hours: 2.168 per yearSunshine hours: 1.898 per year
Global peace index: 3,88/ 1478Global peace index: 3,70 / 1550
Bratislava meeting flashpoints:Zagreb meeting flashpoints:
1. Loft and Wilson Hotel - an authentic business hotel, top-notch hipster restaurant and a boutique conference centre1. Emerald Hall in Esplanade hotel - probably one of the most beautiful congress halls of the region with Orient Express old times glamour
2. Hotel Sheraton Bratislava - the first Starwood hotel in Bratislava with 700 m2 of felxible conference space2. Old Tram Incentive – incentive story on a nostalgic tram ride
3. Radisson Blu Carlton Hotel - directly in the heart of the city, as ideal place for corporate meetings3. Sheraton Zagreb – a classic hotel convention centre of the highest level
4. Incheba Expo Bratislava - the area of more than 165 000 m2 contains quantum of interior space, large outdoor areas and 2500 parking lots 4. Croatian State Archive – one of the most beautiful special venues of the region
5. Reduta - Slovak Philharmonic - built under the reign of Maria Theresa, it quickly became a representative gem of Slovakia also used for ceremonial banquets and memorable events5. Gourmet Zagreb - exploring the culinary delights found in the historic Croatian capital through its farmers markets and gourmet spots.
STAY: Grand Hotel RiverparkSTAY: Esplanade Hotel

One of the smaller and very likeable European capitals is compact and you can explore its beautiful parts by foot. The old town is closed for traffic. Administrative and economic centre of Slovakia is currently a fast growing Slovakia’s congress brand. Bratislava is an undiscovered European congress capital which is slowly and steadily penetrating into the congress market. It represents a novelty for international congress market which impresses due to the kindness and sympathetic of city centre but also because of not excessive commercialization. Bratislava has long lived in the shadow of neighbouring Vienna and Prague but today as fresh and full of new energy invites international congress organizers. It is closely to them mainly due to a more personal congress experience -the city is very friendly for the congress organizers and participants.

Zagreb generally makes a good impression on the visitor. Zagreb is a great small place in terms of accessibility and transport. For a foreigner, the first impression is certainly Central European. Generally, the city is safe, clean, comfortable and friendly to congress participants. The good ratio between price and quality is especially attractive; this has a positive impact on the competitiveness of the destination. As its main advantage, we would highlight the compactness and high quality of hotel accommodation, which combined with cultural and historical heritage, is the formula for success. Everything is seasoned with the right dose of metropolitan character and friendliness of the locals. It is well established in the international congress market and in addition to Ljubljana and Belgrade it represents the future backbone of the meetings industry in the region.





ZAREB: 4,14/5