MeetingHand is a software designed by professional event organizers, to meet the needs of event organizers. Along with our experience, many event organizers agree on that the crucial point in event management is synchronizing multiple complicated needs of event owners, participants and sponsors while combining them on a single integrated platform solving ambiguity of the event’s nature.

Meet a smart pair of Hands for your events!

Gathering registrations and payments, advertising your event by creating an interactive website, managing your sponsors and booth reservations, gathering and assigning abstracts for evaluation if it is a scientific event, creating and customizing your participant badges and certificates if necessary, gather hotel and transfer bookings, obtaining detailed reports, spam-free mass mailing are only the beginning of what MeetingHand is able to do.

Managing multiple event projects from under one single intregrated platform will save a big amount of your precious time and resources. Issues that would normally occur during a manual organization of an event will no longer take your time and you can spend this time to get more acquainted with your participants.

The M.I.C.E industry is a very large one, there are many different event types on different scales. MeetingHand treats all types of events from any scale with the same importance. It does not make a difference if 500 people will attend your event or 5000 people, rather it be a scientific event where you need to collect, assign and evaluate submissions, or a corporate based event where you need to organize your sponsors and exhibition area, MeetingHand will assist you.

Making the design as simple as possible

One of the points we stood upon while designing MeetingHand was to make it usable for everyone. Our priority was to make the design and usability as simple as possible. As a result, we now have a software that can be easily used and understood even if you have limited technical knowledge.

It is the perfect solution to overcome the burden on your shoulders during the organization and management period of any kind of event. With this powerful event management software, you can easily combine your team on a single event based platform. Once you start using MeetingHand, the only question you will have in mind is why you haven’t started using it sooner.