Did you know that Maribor is one of the few cities in the world that has a vineyard right in its centre? Piramida is one of Maribor’s symbols and has been in close touch with wine-making from time immemorial. Therefore, it is no coincidence that Maribor is home to the oldest vine in the world. Just a short trek from Piramida unfold the Počehova wine hills which are among the best wine-growing areas in the Podravje wine region.

The wine journey of the Ramšak family started in 1998, on denationalised land where the first 8,000 vines of Sylvaner, Pinot Gris, Chardonney and Muscat were planted. These vines produced 10,000 litres of premium wine in a nicely restored cellar – Chateau Ramšak. The desire to produce high quality wine is the cohesive thread of their wine selection, which includes white varietal medium dry and dry wine, for which they have been granted numerous awards. Their wine-growing infrastructure, which is the heart of the property, will also be the basis of a new tourism offer – the first wine glamping resort in Slovenia. An exceptional case of partnership between the viticulture of the Ramšak family and experienced entrepreneur, hostel owner and caterer, Andrej Zemljič, who has for many years been developing unconventional tourism products.

Glamorous camping is becoming more and more popular around the world due to the connection between nature and hotel comfort provided by the luxurious tents. The luxury tents also fit in incredibly well with nature and don’t spoil or overload the area with infrastructure. The tents were built by Adria Dom and are furnished like luxury hotel rooms with bathrooms, spacious terraces and a garden jacuzzi. A childhood dream comes to life when you look up and see a treehouse, four metres up, offering incredible views of the surrounding vineyards. Combine the vineyard views with breakfast in bed surrounded by tree branches, and you have an experience that you will never forget. The seven tents in the resort can accomodate up to 20 people who will definetely be stunned by the comfort mingled with the magic of sleeping under the stars and breathing fresh air.

The Glamping Chateau is the ideal venue for incentive groups that are looking for a combination of education and relaxed team building activities. If the weather allows, the glamping resort is perfect for moderated workshops by the fireplace, accompanied by the sounds of the stream. Unforgetable and picturesque is also the team experience in the middle of the vineyard or in a meadow under the fruit trees. In case of bad weather, a degustation room which can take up 30 people is also available. The room can be equipped with multimedia and is suitable for corporate meetings, picnics or other types of meetings, which can be enhanced with team building programs. Without a doubt, the picturesque location will also attract wedding planners.

During the grape harvest, a special team building program awaits you. Under the guidance of the Ramšak family, you will get to know the true importance of teamwork. You will anxiously wait for “Martinovo”, when you will get the chance to try your wine for the first time and maybe you can give it to your business partners for New Year.


1. Wine degustation: A tour of the old cellar and the biggest wine press with a guided, blind degustation of the champion dry and medium dry wine.

2. Teamwork in the vineyard: Wine growing is all about teamwork and after a quick presentation of the beautiful vineyards, you will get to work. Seasonal labor in the vineyard, combined with fun challenges which are never the same.

3. Piramida challenge: An orientational challenge, which will bring back childhood memories, in the middle of wine hills. The final checkpoint is at the nearby Piramida.


A dinner in the restored wine cellar or in the chateau garden is a special culinary experience, rounded off by exquisite Ramšak wine. We recommend a guided degustation, led by the typical Styrian hospitality of Tomaž Ramšak who will take you into the world of excellent dry and medium dry wine, which goes perfectly with the dishes being served. The award winning Chardonney is a great match for the chicken skewers, innovatively served on a piece of wine barrel from the cellar, together with authentic polenta and porcino porridge. The chateau kitchen promises authentic flavours, seasonal ingredients and respect for the Styrian culinary tradition. The originality of the dishes will be noticed at breakfast, from the water with fruit to the wide array of local cheese, butter and milk from the neighbor’s farm. With so many culinary treats, breakfast in front of the cellar or under the canopy of a cherry tree can easily stretch till noon. The kind hosts can also bring it to your glamping tent or treehouse.

The biggest wine press in Slovenia surprises with the powerfulness of the center counterweight made up of a single piece of oak. It can only be moved by a massive spindle and is marked with the date of 1856. It used to sit outside the building however, it was later enclosed by a wall and is now part of the chateau. A wine press used be a status symbol of the wine-grower and is still the visual representation of why the Ramšak wine-growing business stands so firm today. The press is connected to the wine cellar which is being modernized step by step. The space around the press acts as an extraordinarily special venue for degustations and will be upgraded with a wine and local product shop in the near future.

Glamping Chateau Ramšak is a stone’s throw from Maribor, surrounded by the vineyards of Počehova.

The only glamping in Slovenia which is set amongst noble vineyards, it is encircled by the story of the Ramšak family.

Vineyard glamping resort
Počehova 35, 2000 Maribor

T: +386 40 628 303