“The aim of Conventa is to offer the best possible Return on Investment for all participants.”: Miha Kovačič, organizer of Conventa

In 2016, more than 30 % of exhibitors said the quality of services exceeded the price of participation and a whooping 88,9 % of exhibitors thought investment in exhibiting at Conventa will pay off completely or at least partly.

A tradeshow is a marketing and sales investment. As with any investment, also at Conventa one should expect a return on investment. Organizers of the show have thus prepared simple tools to assist exhibitors in planning for a trade show and to measure performance in delivering a return-on-investment of exhibiting at Conventa.


Saving money
On average an exhibitor gets 15 sales leads, while Conventa guarantees 250 hosted buyer contacts worth 3.250 EUR. In 2017, Conventa will generate more profitable contacts with stricter criteria for hosted buyers.

Saving time
Time needed for preparation and checking the contacts is estimated to 60 minutes per meeting. An exhibitor at Conventa conducts on average 22 meetings and therefore saves 60 hours of precious time. At the show exhibitor can Increase the number of meetings with additional calendar.

Almost no additional costs
There are little additional costs for attending the show. Upon request Conventa ensures special accommodation prices for exhibitors. Moreover, the exhibitor package includes fully equipped exhibition stand, meals and entrance to networking social events so there are literally no additional costs.

Cherry-picked buyers
Conventa follows strict criteria for meetings planners to be granted hosted buyer status therefore there is no surprise that exhibitor survey results show that 14 % of meetings are fruitful. A minimum of 2.5 meetings are successful which means per exhibitor a business worth 54.540 EUR.

Digital Year-round promotion
With the new web site, Conventa has integrated exhibitor’s stories on Conventa page and social media channels. Conventa web site has 18.000 monthly views and 10.000 unique visitors.

Direct Year-round promotion
Conventa has integrated exhibitor’s stories in e-marketing campaigns that show great results; open rate 141.000, unique opened 55.000.

Free networking
Networking at social events is priceless thus all social events that bring together exhibitors and hosted buyers are included in the package. Exhibitors have the possibility to get VIP entrance pass for additional representative.

Free education
Educational programme is free of charge at Conventa and is extended over all Conventa days.

Integrated marketing
Exhibitor gain extensive promotion through Conventa media partners. There is also a possibility for on-spot exclusive interviews with media. In eight years more than 80 media and 160 journalists visited Conventa.

Building your brand through Conventa
Co-branding with Conventa gets exhibitors extensive promotion and that is also one of the reasons 98 % of exhibitors return to Conventa.