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How can your company contribute to the full implementation of the Slovenian meetings industry?

International recognition of Slovenia grows each year and that certainly has a positive effect on the country’s position on the international meetings market. Union hotels, as one of the key players shaping the Slovenian meeting industry, will continue to actively support the Slovenian Convention Bureau. The key lies in coordinated and active support with promotion of Slovenian as a meetings destination, under the umbrella of Slovenian Convention Bureau and its members.

Tomislav Čeh, General Manager, Union Hotels

Tomislav Čeh is the General Manager of Union Hotels group, where, to a certain extent, he is the leader motivating his managers and charming the guests – but when the schmoozing is over, it is up to him to make sure the business is profitable and growing. His area of specialisation is management for companies in crisis. Prior to joining Union Hotels, he worked at the Globtour tourist agency d.o.o., Ljubljana as the Managing Director during the company restructuring, which was successfully completed. Also successfully completed was the restructuring of the Life Class hotel chain, Portorož (7 hotels in Slovenia and Croatia), the transit port Marina Koper (Adriatic Sea) and Postojna Cave, where he was the Chairman of the Executive Board of Istrabenz turizem d.d.

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Q: How does the Slovenian congress product stand out from the competition and what makes it successful?

The main difference that makes it stand out is the local factor; local offer, great value for money and last but not least the central location of Slovenian and Ljubljana.

Q: What are the main challenges the Slovenian meetings industry is facing?

The main disadvantage lies in the poor flight connections that surely represent a challenge, but nevertheless we are still competitive enough to make it in the first congress league. We need to invest more in the hotel and congress infrastructure and with joint forces, knowledge and ideas boost the creative work that is not necessarily always dependent on financial resources.

Q: What do we need to do to host more top production events? In your opinion what do you think convinced Jaguar to choose Montenegro as the car launch destination?

What convinced Jaguar to choose Montenegro is actually a question for them. We can’t help but wonder if they even considered Slovenia as a suitable car launch destination for their cars? All of us that are a part of the Slovenian tourism have to take care of the promotion, effective promotion. We have to work hard on raising the image and recognition of Slovenia. Of course without high quality service this is not possible and that is another key element of development.

Q: In your opinion what will be the next big thing in event organization?

Next to new, interactive concepts of business meetings/conferences, the future will most certainly bring also some technological innovations.


Q: In your opinion, what are the key competences an event organizer must have?

Experience, professional and very flexible team that can offer everything under one roof. In the organizational process it is important to save time and nerves of the client. Offering full service with everything in one place can contribute greatly to the success of the event.


Q: Give us an example of one of you favourite and best-designed meetings?
From a discipline perspective: A well designed meeting is one that demonstrates higher productivity / higher impact or even ROI that the one of the year before. From a professional personal perspective, the one where I meet my next biggest client. From a personal perspective, the meeting where I had the most fun.


  • Favourite music: Rock – band: Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Book: Menuet za kitaro, Vitomil Zupan
  • Sport: Basketball