Photo: Michal Staško

Treat people as people, entertain them, educate them and connect them with each other

A colourful setting in the X-Bionic Sphere centre Tuli cinema was right up the alley of a group of creative agencies under the 27 Names Association. A motley range of agencies from 18 world countries, united by their desire to create an unforgettable experience, which nowadays is called live communication.

Their annual convention was hosted by the Creative Pro agency from Slovakia, which operates in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and will shortly open another office in Budapest, Hungary. As we were told by the charismatic founder of the company, Stefan Kozak, this event was an excellent opportunity to introduce a creative and innovative potential of the capital city of Slovakia.

Headquarters of the company are located in Brussels, but actually the agency is a public limited company, in which each country member has only one exclusive representative.

As Wouter Boits, Managing Partner and Creative Director of Oval Office and President of the Board of Directors 27 names explained, the trend in the field of live communications is favourable, since it involves engagement, which other marketing tools do not include to such extent. By building up economy, enquiries for cooperative agency services have increased.


The great precedence of the 27 Names association is being able to organize »think thanks« for global clients, which are organized in the form of a workshop, where events are co-created.

At a meeting, which is based on the clients’ needs, six thinkers from six regions take part. Such method of collaboration is not known to other associations, since in this case, it is active recruiting and marketing of business, for which legal form of association is a public limited company.

Within the meeting, a workshop on the subject »Agency of the Future« was held.

The workshop was led by Kevin Jackson, who was voted number two in the 2016 edition of the Event 100 Club. Controversial intellectual enthralled the audience with basic questions regarding the coexistence of new ideas, technological solutions and content marketing in the world.

Kevin’s rules are simple: »Treat people as people, entertain them, educate them, connect them with each other – and be useful in their lives.« Whether the audience comprises consumers, businesses or employees, no one is exempt from his belief in the power of engagement.

At their meeting which was held in Bratislava, a new forceful partner from Spain, Sörensen agency, joined the association. 27 names now consists of 19 world countries.

As Nina Erneker, Head of Bratislava Convention Bureau stated: “The event is of such significant value for Bratislava, since the city was visited by important event agencies, who can bring new and interesting events to the city of Bratislava through their local partner Creative Pro. All the attendees were enthusiastic by the creative identity of hybrid sports and congress center X-Bionic Sphere, during their visit. One can assert relentlessly there’s nothing in comparison to X-Bionic Sphere complex in the whole of Europe, because it is made to suit the most demanding events.”