Kenes Group with a New White Paper

Professional associations have long been successful in delivering great benefits to their members and stakeholders and in many cases substantially contributing to their cause ?but many working with associations are asking if this can continue given the challenges associations are facing today?  All organisations nowadays, are being reshaped by powerful socio-economic trends and those which are not able to adapt to these trends may not be able to survive.

Membership has long been used as the “health check” for professional associations, with an increase in enrolments and a strong renewal rate hailed as the vital signs of a healthy society. Somewhat disturbingly, recent surveys indicate that over 50% of associations report they are not experiencing any growth in membership, with 24% indicating they are seeing a decrease.

The new Kenes White Paper aims to outline the key trends facing professional associations today, in particular in regard to membership. It draws on research, industry insight, and the experience of Kenes Associations Worldwide (KAW), which is based on the management of membership for a number of medical and scientific societies. The White Paper does not intend to provide solutions, instead, it provides information to aid discussion and decision making to ensure societies can successfully adapt to this ever changing environment.

Read all about the trends in Association Membership in the new White Paper by Kenes Group:

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