Schleppe Event Hall in Klagenfurt is truly a boutique and special venue with rich brewing history and a unique setting for various kind of events, in sense of congresses and conference especially suitable for the after-party events, gala events and other corporative events. Regarded as the center, both of Carinthia’s brewing and distilling industries, with Pfau Distillery also joining their roof, it is becoming more and more famous for brewing craft beers. The brewery marks over 400 years of brewing tradition and ever since the beginning in 1607, Schleppe Brewery has been known for their quality beers. In recent years, some big moments marked the development and vision of the brewery, including Pfau Distiller moving under the same roof, starting the craft beer production in 2014, joined logistics with Villacher Brewery and becoming a part of the famous Heineken Group.  


Directly located in the Schleppe Brewery and Distillery, the Schleppe Event hall offers ideal surroundings for events up to 800 people as an exclusive venue with unique ambiance in 3 levels with 6 different halls, together comprising 1,030 m²:

  • top floor with 447 m² and direct access to outside area (that can be also used as additional event spot),
  • medium floor with 156 m² and tasting spot with shop,
  • bottom level floor with 424 m² which includes beer cellar and Phau distillery cellar.

Schleppe EventHall is suitable for various kind of events with approximately 120 events hosting a year, from large to smaller events, seminars, product presentations, etc. You can rent one hall or the complete hall.


Special features:

  • Schleppe tour: Offered from 15nd May until 15th September (at 10.30 a.m.), Monday through Friday. Tours are available to groups of 20 or more year-round. The tour takes visitors through the brewery with an opportunity to try 2 sorts of refreshing beer and relax a little bit at the end of tour. The famous Pfau Distillery can be also included in the tour if you want – of course, again with some tastingsJ
  • Flexibility of the venue: 3 levels and 6 different halls can be combined and used for perfect event and you can rent on hall or even the complete hall – just name it and they will provide you the best atmosphere for your event. And let’s not forget also the outside area, even the part of a parking lot can be included as the event area if needed.

Access to venue:

Schleppe Brewery and Distillery is easy accessible, from A2 motorway take the exit “Klagenfurt-Nord” and after 2 kilometres you will find the brewery, you cannot miss the signs on the road. Coming by bus, the bus stop is located directly at the entrance of the brewery. Klagenfurt airport is only 5 kilometres away.    


Just a step outside the venue, a great parking lot for around 200 cars is available. The parking is also used sometimes as additional spot for hosting events with setting of additional tents, etc.

Other Incentive ideas:

Craft beer movement – since 2014, the Schleppe Brewery has joined the craft beer revolution, taking place all over the world. Craft beers with their unique, unfiltered structure and new, light aromas are also bringing new consumers and traditional beer drinker is not exclusively male, woman are also enjoying the world of craft beer. Craft beer, combined with the traditional Austrian culinary, a glimpse of heaven on earth!

Catering services:

Company provides different level of catering services, hand in hand with their established catering partners.

Closest accommodation:

Seepark Hotel

Closest meeting facilities:

Seepark Hotel

Tourist attractions (within a radius of 1 km):

Worthersee Lake in vicinity is a postcard perfect scenery that offers many outdoor activities and hosts many prestigious events during whole year – from Iron Man to Harley Davidson events, etc. 


Unique, 3 level venue with 6 halls offers many options to provide the best event in the centre of 400-year brewery history.


Chairs, sound system, lights, electricity, beamer, screen, overhead flip chart – everything needed for amazing events.


  • 250 people on the first floor, 100 on the middle floor and 80 on the lowest floor


  • 400 people on the first floor, 150 on the middle floor and 100 on the lowest floor


Roman Schrott, Event & tour manager: “What makes our location so special is, that it is a living brewery. During daytime, we are rolling our barrels, it is loud and everything smells from malt and hop. And only a few hours later, when the lights go on, you have a perfect location with a very special atmosphere.”

Let the magic world of brewery convince you and take over your senses at the Schleppe Eventhall!


Schleppe Brewery and Distillery Hall
Schleppeplatz 1, Klagenfurt, Austria

T: + 43(0) 463/42700

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