This time Kongres Magazine turned to 8 experts in our industry to tell us more about preparing and eventually winning your own congress bid. Here are the winning strategy interviews we carried out:

Elaine Miller, Edinburgh Ambassador Programme
“Think outside the box”
Research into the association or organisation and prepare relevant content to meet their goals and objectives. Make sure to answer the questions on the brief and tailor the bid to suit the organisation, and exclude any irrelevant information.

Suzanne Singleton, London Convention Bureau
“Showing the client how the city can add value to their event”

The key to a successful bid is to understand the needs of the Association. It’s not just about finding the right venue and the right accommodation, it’s showing the client how the city can add value to their event, through its expertise, its connections and the support it can provide.

Igor Kovačević, Serbian Convention Bureau
“Respect the competition”
Research, details and a positive attitude are the focal points. Crucial is to understand the congress and the client. No two bids are the same. Respect the competition. Learn from previous lost bids and go beyond the economic effects. Know your destination. It takes time.

Christian Mutschlechner, Vienna Convention Bureau
“Bids need working hours and technical resources”
The key is to carefully analyze the RFP. And very often a direct contact with the association is necessary to find out the answers to open questions which you discover when reading the RFP. The most important thing then is to follow exactly the guidelines in the RFP how the bid should be structured and what should be included and also what should not be included.