Photo credit: David Icke Twitter
Ljubljana, Slovenian capital, hosted a quite unique event this Sunday, the 19th March 2017. For the first time, Slovenia welcomed worldwide famous and controversial British writer, journalist, lecturer, author of conspiracy theories and media personality David Icke. This was his first tour in Slovenia, which is part of this year’s world tour titled “World Wide Wake Up Tour”. Best known for his conspiracy theories and questioning about who really controls and manages the world, he cooperates with many worldwide experts and talks about the false reality, global control and hypnosis techniques, used for controlling humans.

David Icke: “The use of television and other mass media is the most powerful form of mass hypnosis on the planet. Its purpose is to continually inculcating the values and positions of certain realities in our minds. Repetition is a powerful form of hypnosis “.

More than 1,200 participants learned all about the Ickes point on reality, which is definitely an interesting topic, stirring up some big questions and dilemmas of the modern society. With the location, just a step away from the major European capitals, the safety factor and boutique approach, beautiful and small Slovenia has become a hub for this kind of events. This is also because of the location, professional services of the organizer, GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre which has become a major exhibition and convention player in Slovenia and this part of Europe and let’s not forget the amazing Slovenian hospitality, numerous cultural and historic attractions and many other convincing factors that attract the location for all sort of events.