Audience interaction specialist Slido introduces its newly launched product, the Slido Switcher, at IMEX in Frankfurt taking place on 16th-18th May.

Designed to streamline and bring flexibility to the process of switching between Slido polls, interactive Q&As and the main presentation, the Slido Switcher encourages presenters to adopt a more conversational, interactive style that drives audience engagement.

Developed following the evolution of interactive events using the Slido platform, the Slido Switcher is particularly useful for solo presenters, internal facilitators and planners with tight budgets, giving them the powers of an AV technician without the specialist hardware. The new tool offers a remote control feature, giving presenters and organisers the flexibility to switch with their own device whenever they want, without being tied to a predefined point in the presentation.

Slido Switcher works with Slido’s established Q&A and polling platform across all presentation platforms on Windows and Mac, such as PowerPoint, Prezi and Keynote, making it a flexible solution for interactive presentations. To use the tool, organisers simply install the Slido Switcher app to their presentation computer, log in to their Slido account and let the app run in the background whilst delivering their presentation.

The Slido Switcher was used at Exclusively Corporate and EduMonday, a brand new education experience that took place prior to the exhibition on Monday 15th May, and will now be available throughout IMEX Frankfurt at the Inspiration Hub.

Peter Komornik, Slido CEO, says: “After months of development we are thrilled to showcase the Slido Switcher at IMEX 2017. Our new tool allows you to seamlessly switch between Slido and your presentation at will, making it a cost-effective, interactive solution to drive participant engagement through conversational presentations.”