Imagine hosting an event in an extraordinary location, a hotel rooftop with an extensive view over a city, breathing in the fresh air high above the town and in a pleasant ambiance, a spot where everything is very natural under the broad sky. This is precisely the image behind hosting an event on the rooftop of Hotel Park, and it all began for the celebration of Earth Day…

Hotel Park have carried out their mission of being the most urban and green hotel in the centre of Ljubljana and they have completely fulfilled it, a part of which was deciding to honour Earth Day by for the very first time hosting a music event on the hotel rooftop. As the first event was a great success, they have decided to host even more such events in the future.


Each event they host is assessed individually and they decide to host events only when it is linked to their green and urban story – whether it be concerts, press conferences, workshops or banquets. When a client decides to host an event at Hotel Park he must take into consideration that the hotel is sustainably oriented and adapt any event to that. It is also necessary to take into account that there are four bee families on the roof of the site, and it is very important that events do not disturb them. The venue can accommodate approximately 200 people standing or up to 80 people in cinema layout.

Due to the location of the venue events can be organised between 8 pm and 10 pm, as there are hotel rooms directly under the roof and it wouldn’t be desirable to disturb guests. It is also important to think about the weather and temperature… events in the summer are not recommended, due to the heat.


To get to the position of being able to host an event at the rooftop the hotel has encountered some challenges, all of which they successfully addressed. As there is no lift access to the rooftop, every detail needs to be thought about in advance. Carrying all the equipment, food and drinks, and, as the doorway to the roof is quite narrow, it is also necessary to arrange an appropriate stage and bar that can all be fitted in. Catering is therefore available at the hotel as far as finger food and other cold cuts goes, but unfortunately, they cannot provide warm meals because of the logistics of that. In any case, they are extremely proud of their green “coffee breaks”, which reflect their whole green story.

If you want to be hip, cool(ed) and sustainable, this rooftop in the middle of Ljubljana is the perfect solution for your event.


1. The exterior of the Park hotel is protected because it is an example of socialist construction and is of historical importance.

2. In addition to bees, they also have a small herbal garden on the roof, from which herbs are used in the kitchen when preparing meals.

3. Ice cream prepared by their confectioner is 100% natural and without any additives, which in itself is a challenge, because you cannot keep it in the freezer for prolonged periods.

4. They use an electric Smart car for official use and also have a ‘filling station’ from which guests or business partners can charge their electric vehicles free of charge.

5. They present one Slovene natural park on each floor of the hotel, thus trying to offer guests an interesting alternative.

6. They also have a restaurant with Indian food, which is prepared by their chef Ziauddin Ahmed.

Incentive ideas at Hotel Park

When looking through the incentive ideas it doesn’t take much time to figure out that the staff at Hotel Park tries to be as creative as possible with their offer. For example, what do you think about doing a bit of a gardening at the hotel? You can decide on planting herbs and vegetables on the roof, and then the product remains in the hotel and guests are informed about their growth and the use of what’s been planted. Or in agreement with the Urban Beekeeper you can see how the honey is being cultivated, and in cooperation with the Ethnographic Museum seeing the dyeing of beehive panels can be arranged. They also offer a “green package”, which includes a picnic in the countryside, cycling along the Bee Route or the green points of Ljubljana (such as the Botanical Garden). Last but certainly not least, they can also provide you with a guided tour on the rooftop of the hotel with a brief presentation of the green story behind the Hotel Park.