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VOK DAMS stages 12. European Inventor Award

Vok Dams

The dozen was completed, when for the 12th time the European Patent Office (EPA) distinguished outstanding inventors from Europe and all over the world, with the annual European Inventor Award in Venice this year. The ceremony distinguished inventors, who made exceptional contributions to social development, technological progress and economic growth.

Since 2007, the Munich team of VOK DAMS, agency for events and live-marketing, has been part of implementing this event. This year they again implemented an outstanding event, and with it the European Patent Office strongly emphasized Europe’s innovative power.

EPO president Benoît Battistelli summarized the aspiration of this unique European award ceremony: “These people, men and women, are able not only to have incredible ideas, but to transform them into inventions and then these inventions –through patents – become economic realities.”

Location of the 12th award ceremony on the 15th of June was Venice’s “Arsenale”. The awards were handed over to the winners of each category in an exclusive gala event, to which high-ranking members of politics, economics, science and the IP industry had been invited. In advance, members of the public were able to vote online at the EPO’s internet site who should be awarded the public price.

This year, too, 15 finalists were selected:

This year, too, 15 finalists were selected from more than 450 entries. The winners in the different categories were:

  • Industry: Jan van den Boogaart and Oliver Hayden (Netherlands/Austria)
  • Research: Laurent Lestarquit, José Ángel Ávila Rodríguez, Günter W. Hein, Jean-Luc Issler and Lionel Ries (France, Spain, Germany, Belgium)
    Non-EPO countries: James G. Fujimoto, Eric A. Swanson and Robert Huber (USA, Germany)
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs): Günter Hufschmid (Germany)
  • Popular Prize: Adnane Remmal (Morocco)
  • Lifetime achievement: Rino Rappuoli (Italy)

Apart from the overall organization, VOK DAMS Munich was also responsible for the entertainment frame, which they produced together with the Instrumental Jazz Trio Blackit 3.0 and performing artist Alexis Vigneault. With Antonia Sautter’s costumes and artists they then brought some special Venice flair into the hall.