Tempus fugit, as those who know the importance of time like to say, and participants certainly don’t want to be spending their own valuable time at boring meetings. Our hypothesis is that in addition to excellent content, events and conferences will also need to offer experiences and create interaction through engagement, otherwise in the future, it’s likely that they won’t survive. This assumption has been nagging at us for some time, so we decided to dedicate an entire segment of this summer issue of Kongres Magazine to practice cases that have actually worked and worked well.

The events set out below aren’t your typical ‘theatre-style conferences’. In fact, their premise has been to turn things upside down, for content to over-power form and to break the hinges what has been considered a unified conference box. They have been elevated by active participant engagement, a creative event space, social responsibility and local inspiration.

The model called Meetovation, created by the Danes is one that’s on the rise, and we hope meeting planners can take some things from it and incorporate them into their own work. What follows are some of the most resounding projects we’ve seen, created by divergent thinking and genuine out-of-the-box ideas.


  • Date: 29. – 30. August 2017
  • Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Agency: Toleranca Marketing
  • Type of Event: Interactive conference
  • Slogan: Power to the meetings

A desire to exchange knowledge in the fields of content marketing, events, congress destinations and hotels quickly mushroomed into something bigger: an event idea. Whilst still keeping content in mind, the organisers focussed the bulk of their attention to conference design, and so the initial idea was not only to surprise the participants with jaw-dropping content, but also with a different hall setup as well. Inspiration for this was taken from the Greek Agora, a public space that encourages relaxed socializing and quality content intake, an important space where all of the necessary city functions are agreed and take place.

The entire conference is based on a cleverly crafted customer journey platform, supported by different types of presentation formats, everything from the Ted-X format to PechaKucha or their own Elevator Pitch. This, and a lot of careful planning, turned into a very rhythmic and flowy event and the entire project stands behind Toleranca Marketing’s sophisticated methodology called “Power to the meetings.”

Taking care of active participant engagement is the excellent Dutch moderator, Jan-Jaap In de Maur, whose efforts are key to defining and creating Crossover’s added value. Tech support was designed as a pair of invisible hands that assure everything runs smoothly. Slido also played a big role with participant interaction.

We all want our time and money to be invested wisely and beneficially into the meetings we attend, therefore result measurement is in this sense very important. The team at Crossover went even further and introduced a policy that states: “If you aren’t pleased with the conference we will return your registration fee.” The result was a very high satisfaction score of 4.68, measured via surveys after the event.


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