Beeping is a young startup from Ljubljana, Slovenia. At the beginning, the team asked themselves: how could we enable people to have more time for themselves and their loved ones? With the mission of creating time for more pleasant things in life, Beeping offers organization of regular household chores. It is an online booking platform that enables an individual to schedule a background-checked, skilled, trained professional cleaners to their home in a simple way. It solves the problem of real-estate owners and renters, especially Airbnb hosts as well as cleaners who are limited in selling their services these days, mostly due to the black market.

We spoke to Jan Dobrilovič, Co-founder and CEO of Beeping to tell us a bit more about what went into developing their platform and making it into a successful business.

Q: What has inspired you to start the company?

I took this decision under many circumstances. First of all, I am really ambitious and ambition and desire control my destiny. Entrepreneurial spirit always resided in me. The time is just right, possibilities are endless and I was willing to take a risk.

Q: What gets you out of bed in the morning?

A strong work ethic and high motivation to meet challenges the day will bring. It’s really just love for my work.

Q: What are your biggest challenges at the moment?

Our major challenge at the moment is growth. But we would like to do it right since it’s not just about the goal but also about a path and the way to do it. Building a core team, building a great brand and an even better company… that is what drives us.

Q: If your startup was an animal, what would it be and why?

At the end of the day we are Beeping – so a bee. It’s not just about the colours and marketing perspective, but also about work ethic, team work, sense of belonging and bringing something valuable to the people.

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