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Based on the survey, the venue set up is something that the participants were impressed by. There is no need to mention, that we reached our goal – to impress and be impressed. As Gorazd Čad, CEO of Toleranca Marketing and Founder of Conventa Crossover said in the interview: “My biggest wish is to enthral the participants since they are the future ambassadors of this new way of event organisation. The industry needs a revolution, as new generations will probably just swap boring meetings for virtual reality and a virtual future altogether. Furthermore, we will shine the light on how to make your events more interesting, different and efficient.”

But let’s not stop just for the setup of the venue, which is important, but not as much as content. Content is still the king, and Crossover is here to serve with answers to most of the questions that are stirring up the scene in tourism, “live experience” agencies, hoteliers, tourist agencies, and venues.

The real highlight of this year’s lectures was with no question needed Adam Fields, presenter and stand-up comedian at Masters of Moderation. Pretty much anyone can moderate, but not everyone can animate. How to keep the focus of the attendees, how to keep the energy high? The key is in having an amazing moderator!

How to succeed when pitching? For David Beckett from Best 3 Minutes it is really simple, and now it is as simple also for our attendees who had the opportunity to listen to his session and attend the workshop. As he said: “The first 60 seconds really matter.

Can you imagine to connect the whole city, involve everyone into one event that takes place every three years to keep the locals happy about living there and not escaping from the city? They do it in the industrial city in Belgium, La Louviere, where urban opera “Decrocher la Lune” takes place. Anne Roelandt, who is the Vice-President, Managing Director and Artistic Producer at Luc Petit Creation, presented the amazing project.

The political situation and worldwide crises forced the Turkey to think and act differently. Eda Ozden, director of Business Development at MEP talked about the challenge that their DMC is facing since they have lost 90% of their business. Since they budgets shrank and they almost thought there is no way out, they found the solution – digital marketing.

Live conferences do bring profit, events do matter, even more, important is the human touch, face-to-face meetings, and events, where people can meet and network. Lara Vodlan who is the Marketing and Communication Manager at Microsoft Slovenia proved, that NT conference is a great project with a long tradition, that gathers IT companies in Slovenia in one place.

Pecha Kucha is a challenging format of presentation, which gives you 6 minutes and 40 seconds to impress the audience and to get straight to the point with the message. And our speakers nailed it!

Melinda Rebek, LJFW Executive Producer, did a great job sharing insights into Ljubljana Fashion Week, its challenges and its success.

How to link event, food and music? We asked the expert, Tomaž Nedoh, who is a musician and founder of MENU-ET-EXPERIENCE. He wrapped the day one with an amazing saxophone music while playing various tones to different food images rotating in the background.

The second day of the conference was about the workshops and destinations and venue marketing. Ciara Felly from Conference Converter held one of the workshops, where she revealed what hotels and venues do, that drives event planners mad. Amazed by her workshop we gained new skills when it comes to making clients happy and business to grow.

There is no doubt, that we were all eagerly waiting for the session held by Saša Zor from the newly opened, first five-star hotel in Ljubljana, InterContinental. The opening of such hotel is a big deal and they were greeting every guest personally when the first guests arrived. Their vision with actions will surely make a change among the hoteliers in Ljubljana and we can not wait for a new profile of guest to visit Ljubljana.

On the other side, Maja Dimnik presented the success of the first glamping ever made in Slovenia – Bled garden village. They reached to the stars in no time, and their success lies in the large media coverage, which they have received free of charge due to a great photography and a unique setting.

Is there any better way for a closure of the conference than by presenting some good case practices? Marina Krizman from Envy Croatia, who is focused on online branding in the travel industry, presented great examples of online branding in the travel industry in cases of the Lone Hotel and Ultra Europe festival. She also pointed out the amazing relationship they have with their clients, how they trust the agency when delivering everything promised. And they also had a prize winning game for all of the Crossover attendees by offering a weekend stay in the Lone hotel. #crossovergoestolone

The second edition of Conventa Crossover has come to the end and we all have much more to learn. But under the line, we can point out, that attendees are hungry for the new knowledge, applicable topics, amazing case studies and know-how. No one wants to be a part of the conference, where promotional presentations take place and where the stiff business environment is the only one acceptable.

That’s why we say: power to the meetings!

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