We are also extremely excited about the 10th anniversary of the Conventa trade show, which will be held from 24th to 25th of January in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The renowned trade show is highly popular among attendees from so-called New Europe and we are looking forward to spreading the word among nations that are not so familiar with our approach and boutique trade show that is now loved by many. Conventa has definitely become something very unique and special for its methodology in creating a meeting space – the aim is to do meetings over a cup of coffee and to meet up in a so-called ‘festival environment’ created by the various spots throughout the venue, from the trend bar and the rock station to the photo booth and the campfire. It really heartens us to see people meeting each other and making special bonds in Conventa’s relaxed atmosphere living room set-up.

We also steer towards the most efficient use of time with our presentation methods and formats, such as Pecha Kucha. Our goal is to properly excite participants, as they are the future ambassadors of this new way of event organisation in a meetings industry that badly needs a revolution, otherwise, new generations might just swap clone meetings for virtual reality, and even a virtual future altogether. Furthermore, we shine a light on how best to make your events more interesting, different and efficient.

Zferblat Ljubljana
Photo credit: Ziferblat, photo Tomaz Zajelsnik
Photo credit: Ziferblat

In pursuit of our dream of a meetings industry revolution, we decided to meet up with you in Ziferblat, a special venue in Ljubljana where time truly means money. It’s a place for socialising and where you can really make yourself feel at home, enjoy a cup of coffee, help yourself to some biscuits or make your own pancakes. When the bill comes, the only thing you pay for is the time spent there. It’s neither a flat nor a cafe, but rather something in between – a space of freedom where you can do whatever you want: play the piano, play chess, talk to complete strangers, read a book, prepare a snack and share it with friends, perhaps do some work or even have a meeting.

Ziferblat might indeed be the only venue where you will really feel like being at home – you can kick off your shoes, look through the drawers and talk to everyone and anyone present. You can also feel free to play the piano or guitar and nobody will be counting how many teas or coffees you’ve sipped or how many biscuits you might have been nibbling on. In fact, they’ll even teach you how to prepare a coffee, so you can then prepare it to your preferred taste. The name ‘Ziferblat’, which means ‘clock face’ in Russian (Zifferblatt), has associations with clocks and time, symbolic of Ziferblat’s policy of charging five cents for every minute you spend there.

Despite Ziferblat’s payment policy, we’ll take care of the bill – but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to make your own coffee, tea, help yourself to some biscuits or look through the drawers! We want you to feel just as you would being at home – and just like at home, with great company too.

The first part of our meeting will be given over to some short presentations in Pecha Kucha format, sharing some inspiring stories from the event management and meetings industry. The second part is dedicated (as always) to networking in a relaxed atmosphere. We’d therefore really like if you would keep in touch with us, as the speakers are to be published within the next few days.

We look forward to meeting you at our off-the-beaten-track venue, sharing some bold ideas with you and, of course, making plans for January’s Conventa trade show!

Sign up here – and see you on Friday, 10th of November!