Ivo Franschitz
ENITED Owner Rosa B. Reyero Miguelez & Ivo Franschitz

A tool, which provides clear rules and transparent processes for each event. From the decision on using an In-house or Outsourcing-solution to the event implementation and monitoring. Anyone who sees and uses events as an important element in their marketing and communication mix, cannot do without Matchmaker© and ENITED.

If the preference is for an Outsourcing solution ENITED Matchmaker© helps in finding the right event agency. Not only does it require competence and skills, but it also needs the right chemistry. ENITED has the necessary market overview and provides support for the agency briefing and screening, and coordinates the whole bid process in selecting the most suitable agency. Professional bid consulting is only one variation for the use of Matchmaker©.

Whoever tends to use an In-house solution is definitely spoiled for choice. How do I find the right vendor(s)? Does both the service quality and the price-performance ratio fit? Who is the best to perform the tasks and who is best suited for us? A proper and accurate briefing and a well-structured bid- and selection process with the right vendor(s) will avoid nightmares later on, and will be decisive, at the end, on success or failure.

A complete In-house solution is considered the master class in event management. Anyone who has already organized an event knows the challenges. Every aspect has to be accounted for, a full 360° overview is necessary. When an event is in full swing, there is little scope left, unless you have a plan B, C or D. It’s like a football match. On the playing field, tactics and timing must be right; the players must be in top form, to seize the opportunities to score.

Those who are perfectly prepared, and know what and with whom they deal with, think of alternatives and make the right decisions. Those will win the match. That requires experience and skills. ENITED offers both when it comes to business events.

ENITED Owners Ivo Franschitz and Rosa B. Reyero Miguelez have been creating, planning and organizing large and small events worldwide, for more than 20 years.The ENITED team plays the role of a matchmaker, for the benefit and in the interest of their clients. With their expertise and know-how, they have created the Matchmaker© solution. A flexible and practice-oriented tool for supporting both decision-makers and event managers in international organisation.